Recordings Of The Insane

I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it. So take a look, inside this book, if it is your mind that you want shook.


5. 11/17/15_Tuesday_6:50PM_TheObsession

A continuation of "TheRottingPeople"


       Same looked at me, terror in his gorgeous eyes. "You're perfect." I say, "Y-you're obsessed with me!" He cried, I felt tears welling in my eyes as I nodded. "You're all I have, without you I have nothing!" I screamed. "But if I can't have you... Then nobody else can." I screamed, taking out my pocket knife. I stabbed him in the stomach and he screamed out, tears rushing down his perfect face, I kissed him as I stabbed myself in the stomach as well. "Like father... Like son..." I muttered looking at Sam, moments before passing out on Sam.


       Sam and I, they put me in an asylum after we went to court and they found that I was obsessive. I think about Sam everyday, his perfect face, voice, tears, hair, body.... Just him. Everything about him is perfect. Today I got a new cellmate, but he's just now getting his face mask taken off. The mask came off and he was terribly attractive! His voice was wonders for my ears... He was perfect... More perfect than Sam!

       He was so beautiful and perfect... "Well, you're cute enough to eat!" I cooed at the boy. He looked at me in confusion, I smiled. He then smiled as he just nodded, I guess he took this as a compliment after giving it a bit of thought on what I meant. But I did mean what I said. He was cute enough to eat.


       So when he went to bed that night I when he settled into his bed, I went to his bed. I began kissing his neck and he turned around, kissing me. We made love 3 times before I finally gave in to my tiredness. He sighed and laid beside me, but little did he know I hid ropes under the pillows. I was more clever than what they thought. I grabbed it as I casually put my hand under the pillow. I casually pulled him in for a hug, then quickly tied his right wrist to the bed post, he was shocked and looked to me, I rolled on top of him, and tied down his other wrist. He went to scream, but I gagged him with my shirt. Then I tied down his ankles to the bed. I got on his mid section and smiled at him. Kissing down his neck, this caused him to relax slightly.

       He probably thought I was just going to preform more sexual acts on him. He was cute enough to eat. I then sunk my teeth into his stomach, he squirmed, attemting to scream, but to no avail. I ripped away his skin, along with other layers protecting his muscle, bones, and organs beneath. Finally I was rid of all the lays and got to business pulling out the muscle, as it didn't look apatizing. Then I began feasting on his large and small intestine. Tears rained from his eyes, and his life slipped away. His twinkle in his eye began to fade and I knew he was dying. After In was done he was empty, I had eating all that was inside his torso. After I was done feasting on him, I put the muscle back in and put the skin back into his stomach. I rapped it up with duct-tape - that I always kept under my pillow. I then put his shirt back on and untied him. I flipped him on his back and preformed necrophilia and after I was finished I redressed him and put him in a sleeping position. Then I pulled the blanket over him, went to my bed, and fell asleep.

      They found out it was me and now I'm in this chair, about to be electrocuted. "Any last words?" They asked, "He was cute... Cute enough to eat." I said with a smirk, "Like father, like son." I added. I refused to wear the black tarp over my face and saw the disgusted faces of the people around me. Then there was great electric shocks and then... Blackness....


      But I was not dead... I awoke in a dark box, I knew right then... They had buried me alive and I'd be stuck here... Until I died. So when they find this, I want to let them know.


I regret nothing.

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