Recordings Of The Insane

I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it. So take a look, inside this book, if it is your mind that you want shook.


4. 10/24/15_Saturday_10:32PM_TheRottingPeople

       Ever since I was young I would see things, dark shadows with long slim arms and boney fingers. The only sound they made was the sound of static, they didn't have eyes... They didn't even have a fucking face! The only difference was their height. But I knew all of them didn't like me. I would always start screaming when they reached the foot of my bed and I would run to my parents room. As soon as I was in my mother's arms I knew they weren't chasing me anymore. They were waiting. Lurking in the dark hallway and in my room. It went on like this until we moved when I was 10.


       I'm 20 now and I'm returning to that house with my friend Sam. Sam is 23 and was the first person I met when I moved. We get to the place and it looks the same as it did when I left. I went inside and it was strange... Everything on the inside was the same as when we left as well... It didn't even look a tad-bit older. I went upstairs with Sam trailing behind, I peeked into my mother's old room, it looked like it did when we left. Then I went into my room, but it was different, the walls had nails marks on, from the inside... Like someone was trapped inside the wall. Then I saw the wall paper was pealing off.... So I grabbed it at ripped it off. Then I to my horror black, dead, rotting bodies fell from the wall. There were so many, falling out of the wall. It smelled of death throughout the room I heard Sam vomiting behind me and couldn't even bring myself to move to look at him. I just stared at the dead bodies.

       Then to my horror I hear footsteps above me. The door to the attic fell down and an old dirty man emerged from the attic. He looked at me and smiled, a sick, twisted smile. I looked at Sam in fear and he looked back at me. It was my father who went missing while we lived in the house. He was pronounced dead. "D-Dad?" I stuttered, his smile grew wider. As he picked up his right arm from behind me to show a large, bloody axe. I screamed and pulled Sam out of the window with me. We landed on a bush on the side of the house, we were in pain, but we were not about to let that crazy son of a bitch kill us! I grabbed Sam by the wrist and pulled him up, as we ran to the car, cranked it and sped off. I watched behind me as my father stood on the front lawn waving at me. My father was a killer, he killed all those people and hid them in my wall. I reported what I had seen to the police, they checked the house and arrested my father. Then my they reported finding a girl in the closet of the home, she was sexually abused for years. My mother later told me that the girl was my older sister, who had went missing before I was born.

       That was the moment I realized that you only know what people want you to know. I turned into a wreck after that, I was a sobbing mess. I was rocking back in forth in my room, the only light on was my computer monitor. If there was an camera in my house I had covered it. Even the one on my phone and the one on my computer. My windows were boarded up, my TV only played static, and I stopped going outside. I was going fucking insane. I only talked to Sam. Sam was my best friend. Sam would never betray me. Soon all I ever thought about was Sam and the incident. I sometimes talked with my sister, but it was rare as she was very quiet. I-I was obsessed with Sam. I talked with him everyday, I began working at his work and somewhat observing him. Sam is all I have! Here I sit on his lovely couch, "Hi, Sam." I say, smiling, "Hey, man how're you?" He asked. "I-I'm good... How're you?" I asked, still smiling. "I'm alright." He said, smiling back. Oh gosh his smile is just adorable, he's adorable. His hair, his smile, the way he speaks, the way he walks, everything about him. Everything. Every. Single. Thing.

      I decided I should tell him how I feel, "So Sam.... We've been friends for a long time now..." I start, "Yea..." He says, urging me to continue. "I know I can trust you and that you won't laugh... But I'm still a bit nervous to admit this to you..." I continued, "Yea..." He says, conitnuing to urge me to continue. "I-I think I love you." I say, lightly placing my hand over his. He just looked at me for a moment, "Y-you love me too right? Right?!" I said nervously. "U-um... I'm not gay." He said, I felt pressure building in my chest. I stood up and walked to him, I straddled his hips and pinned his hands back, behind his head. "N-no..." I mumbled, "T-that can't be right! I-I love you!" I cried, "B-but I don't love you... Not like that." He said. Tears welled in my eyes as I looked at him, "N-NO!" I shouted. I pulled out my string from my jacket, tying his hands together. "Y-you're scaring me." Sam stuttered, God he's so cute! I kissed him, pulled away, and kissed him again. I just kept kissing him.

       "I got the same job as you, I know everything about you, I love talking to you, you're all I have!" I screamed...

                       To be continued....

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