Recordings Of The Insane

I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it. So take a look, inside this book, if it is your mind that you want shook.


3. 10/14/15_Wednesday_5:45PM_Empathy&Cannibalism

       When I was 5 I pushed my big sister down a well, I laughed as she screamed and cried, begging for help. Her ankles were broken and she was bleeding horribly, but I laughed and laughed and laughed. They saved her and I cried and cried, I told her she should've died. I stabbed my younger brother in the stomach repeatedly with scissors, laughing all the while as his blood spattered on my face, I loved the sound of his terrified and pain-filled screams. They saved him too, since they heard him screaming. "Little brat ruins everything!" I'd always say. My brother and sister didn't quite like me after that, but still they feared me. I knew I was no good, but I didn't care much. Being good got me nowhere.


       I hated things, my family did not understand me... They wanted to send me away. I wasn't going to let them do that to me, so while they all slept I burnt the house down to the ground as I watched from afar, smiling all the while. This time no one survive. I had killed my whole family and felt pretty damn good about doing so. They took me to the orphanage where the bad kids went. But all the kids were ignorant, so I killed 7 of 15. The only reason I didn't kill all 15 is because they sent me away before I could. They put me in jail, but this worked to no avail, I ate both of my cell buddies. It started with Levi, he always took my food, everytime they tried to feed me. I was on the verge of starvation and I waited for him to sleep. I crawled on top of him, gagged him, and tied him up. So he looked at me in horror. As I ripped his shirt off and ate away at his stomach. I ate his small and large intestine, as well as his stomach. I loved his fearful eyes as I watching him die. Once I had eaten all of his organs I buried him beneath his bed.

       I smiled as they had no idea where he had went, they thought he might've escaped and sent out a warning world-wide. But soon I began to crave human flesh and my other cell mate Kevin began to grow suspicious of me. He always thought that I had something to do with Levi's death, so I waited for him to doze off he held him down, he almost got free, but I sunk my teeth into his neck and that bought me time to tie up his wrists, then his ankle. He was about to scream but I quickly gagged him. I tore off his clothes and Kevin watched in horror as I ripped his torso open and eating at his muscle, making my way to his organs. Happily eat his insides, as I smiled at his horror filed face. (Mind you by this time I am 18) now that he is dead, I commit necrophilia. After I finish this I burry the body with Levi's and then I go to bed. But all too soon they were having cell inspection because one of the prisoners was found to be in possession of drugs. So they had found Levi's corpse and Kevin's corpse. They even found traces of my sexual acts on Kevin's corpse.

       So they admitted me to this asylum, I'm put in a straight jacket every time I'm put with the others. I walked in the room with the others and a girl looked at me and said, "I need a hug." I sighed, "I cannot give you one, my hands have been tied." I said. She looked at me like she had an idea, "I know! I can take you out of the jacket and you can give me a hug." She said smiling, "Oh wow, yeah that's a great idea." I said, innocently. She smiled and obliged, untying me. Once I was free I did hug her, but I also ate her. Along with everyone else in the damn asylum. I'm free now, I simply walked out of the asylum. Now I live free, no one knows me, no one suspects me, everyone thinks I'm innocent. But everyday I capture people who walk alone at night I even keep some of their fingers, to stir my tea with. How lovely my life is now, it's just grand.

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