Recordings Of The Insane

I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it. So take a look, inside this book, if it is your mind that you want shook.


2. 10/10/15_Saturday_3:51PM_TheDeathWalker

       I was wandering through the woods, against the wishes of my family... When I came across a hidden graveyard, I was a very disrespectful and foolish child. I danced on the graves and taunted the dead, I even spat on some graves. I thought nothing of this, but months after this, I began hearing thing and seeing things as well. But when I got older - about twelve or so - they disappeared, then on my 20th birthday I began hearing the familiar sounds and familiar things. But something new happened, everyone I touched, I could see how they died in my mind... Even up to the point of their burial. They all called me crazy, not one believed me.

      Then one night when I was 22 I remember clearly as I laid awake, and looked to my open closet, darkness surrounding everything. "Décès..... Décès..... Décès....." I heard something saying clearly, I have no idea what this meant. Then I saw a creature emerging from the closet, it was tall, with leathery pale skin, and no face. I had two arms and two legs, but it's knees were bent backwards along with it's elbows, and it's neck was permanently bent to the left, but it looked right at me. "Décès." It repeats, then picks up it's hands to reveal red liquid falling from them, and it smears the word on my bed. I looked at the creature terrified and watched as it dug it's long claws into its face. Pealing off it's flesh, it looks down as the flesh that was once on it's face fell to my floor, with it's hands over it's face, then it looks to me with a muscly and bloody face, as I saw eyes bulging out of what appeared to be the muscle that was under the creature's skin. It's eyes had no color, it was a black eyeball with a black pupil. It had a long sharp crooked teeth, forming a smile, and two slits for a nose.

       "Mourir Guillaume, Mourir." He said, then began to smear those words on my wall, beside my bed, closer to me than ever, then he looks over to me and said, "Guillaume." He said, then he went back into my closet, shutting the door behind me. I did not sleep, I stayed awake and the next day David came over. The bloody writing was still on my sheets and wall, I showed David and his face went pale. "That is French... I know." He said, "What does this all me?!" I cried, he pointed to me bed, "'Décès' means 'death'."He said, then he pointed to my wall, "'Mourir Guillaume, Mourir.' means 'Die William, die.'." David said, with a pale face. My blood rain cold and all the color drained from my body, "W-who did this?" He asked. I pointed to my closet, he went to my closet, and opened the door, then he screams!


       "WHAT?!" I cried, "Y-your cat." He said, I walked to my closet and saw my cat cut open from the stomach, his organs strung up all over the place, and his spine was ripped out of it's anus and his paws were tied together, while his mouth was ripped open and his jawbone was broken. Then I saw his tail ripped off and tied in a knot around his neck. Blood was strung out everywhere and it smelled awful. I hunched over and vomited at the gruesome sight and my friend sobbed beside me. He had to call the police because I couldn't get rid of my nausea. The police was talking to me and David about it, saying it must've been done by a sharp object, like a knife, because the cut was professional and perfectly straight, so it was no accident. Someone had murdered my cat.


       It only got worse from there... The next day I woke up, with a terrible side ache, I checked and saw I had stitches. I went to the doctor and he said someone had removed one of my kidneys... Then once I woke up with a terrible headache, I went to the doctor, he said someone had cut opened my head and removed part of my brain. Then I woke up after that to terrible pain in my knee, I looked and saw stitches, David had to take me to the doctor this time. They told me someone had surgically taken out the cartilage in my knee, but I didn't have the money to fix it... So I have to limp now. The next morning I awoke after a wonderful dinner of left overs, and felt another body laying beside me, I looked over to see a horribly mutilated and cut up woman. In horror I called the police, they took her away, they started to suspect I was doing all of this... But I swear I wasn't... Later I began to develop a disease... I went to the doctor and he said you get it from eating humans...

       After he found this, I was taken away to the asylum. But the voices and visions still haunt me. David died shortly after I was admitted to the asylum, of unknown causes... But he ended up just like my cat did. So here I lay trying to sleep, when I feel long fingers around my neck, and a whisper in my ear of, "Mourir Guillaume, Mourir."

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