Recordings Of The Insane

I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it. So take a look, inside this book, if it is your mind that you want shook.


1. 10-7-15_Wednesday_9:27PM_The Hatman Encounters - The Ronald Case

       Do not tell the hat man what I have said, he'll get inside your head. Do not tell the hat man what I have said, or he will sit a-top your bed. Do not tell the hat man what I have said, you will end up dead.


       Do not look at him, do not go to sleep, do not turn off the lights, do not say a word. And whatever you do, do not look in the corner. He's right there.... Looking at you. His hat like Lincoln's, his eyes gouged out, his arms long and thin, like black bone. His mouth a gaged slit. His teeth, long and sharp as sword blades. When you talk to the hat man he talks back but then... You regret opening your mouth as he rips it wide open.


       They'll pay... They'll ALL pay! I do not belong in this straight jacket, with these idiots. I am not an idiot. I'm a GENIUS, it's society that is idiotic. But I'll get out of here, just you watch. I'll make them pay, then they'll know to NEVER EVER mess with me again. All their heads are going to to roll, the children will run the streets as orphans through a blood-flooded street. The sky will cry as they will all regret ever putting me in this padded room and in this straight-jacket. They'll see! They'll ALL see!


       I'm finally out of the asylum, finding myself in a Mc.Donald's air vent. I finally fall out of the vent, to find the place vacant... Strange. I hopped over the counter and saw the front door, it didn't look as sunny out as when I was in the asylum... I walk out of the Mc.Donald's and walk down the sidewalk, nothing. No one. The city was completely empty... Which is quiet strange, not many cities are empty... I shrugged and continued walking... But they suddenly I heard the laughter of Ronald Mc.Donald, I turned around and far away in the distant saw the clown... But then I saw it walking towards me, then I saw it in better detail... And took off running back to the asylum. I was not loving it. Not one damn bit. Ronald was holding a knife and the head... The head of my dead wife, who was killed 3 years ago, when she went out of town to a city.... A city... In the middle of nowhere, near my asylum.

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