When I knew you... | Maze Runner & Percy Jackson crossover |

-These characters aren't mine unless said so-
What would your reaction be if you found out your parents were a greek/roman god/goddess? You'd go on life saving quests and meet other people just like you. Everything would be just perfect.
When arriving at Camp Half-Blood Andrea's world changes for the better she falls in love with a blonde haired Apollo kid named Newt, she makes amazing new friends, and even discovers her dad is the dark lord, Hades. That is until her brother disappears along with many other campers. Months pass and she slowly sees everyone she loved and cares about is gone too. Unable to deal with the pain she flees Camp Half-Blood and tries to live life as a normal mortal. Three years pass and she finds herself in a metal cage confused, hungry, and scared. What she didn’t know is that when those cage doors open she will be reunited with her love ones, but they won’t have any memory of her and who they are


4. We're NOT Frieds, We're SISTERS

Jason’s P.o.v.

A small herd of pegasi landed in front of Percy’s body and I knew this is what he meant when he said ‘I got this.’ Blackjack kneeled before us and we were quick to safely harness his body onto the impatient Pegasus. As soon as Percy and Trinity, who were both unconscious, were safely on a Pegasus. I grabbed my sister’s hand and we mounted one. It was the same for the other besides Nico who chose to shadow travel instead.

We all arrived at camp and we were all surrounded by campers. Will Solace, a son of Apollo, and some of his other siblings rushed Percy, Trinity, and I to the infirmary.

Will went to attend Percy and left his other siblings to help me. They tore my shirt off which revealed the redness and swelling where I was stung. Now exposed to the chilly air I could feel the pain travel from my left shoulder all the way down to my hand and into my chest. Holding to onto my chest I found it hard to breathe. My whole left hand started to go numb and the world around me shifted until finally my eyes closed.  

“He’s having respiratory problems we need to extract the venom and hook him up to a ventilator.” Just in case anybody didn’t know what a ventilator is: An apparatus for administering artificial respiration in cases of respiratory failure. Andrea’s P.o.v. We all landed at Camp Half-Blood and Jason, Percy and Trinity were all speedily sent to the camp’s medical wing. The Apollo kids as Nico called them didn’t allow us in so, we were left to patiently wait outside. Newt was sitting on the floor his back to the infirmary’s door. “Newt cool it your sister didn’t get it as bad as Percy or even Jason.” I soothed him, “Your sister is strong she went into shock and fainted.” Newt ignored me and laid his head on his knees. I rolled my eyes and went to comfort Justice who was rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet. “Do you think Jason will be alright?” I hugged her petite body, “Jason is strong, and from the way he fought that manticore and how he risked his life to save us all; I can assure you he’ll be alright.” Justice’s eyes lit up the slightest. “He’ll need time to heal of course but I’m damn sure he’ll make it out if this alive.” Justice flashed me a small smile. “Thanks Andrea. You always know what to say.” I let out a small laugh. “And you’re surprised at this? Come on, I thought we were friends?” She chuckled, “We’re not friends. We’re sisters.” A/N: I had to do some research for this chapter ^-^ So some of the words might be hard to understand :’( Sorry :’( There wasn’t really any articles on how to treat manticore wounds so I just used poisonous snake wounds and used some on the side effects for that because manticore stings are poisonous, right? Please tell me if any of my research is incorrect so I can fix it immediately. Thanks in advance.

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