When I knew you... | Maze Runner & Percy Jackson crossover |

-These characters aren't mine unless said so-
What would your reaction be if you found out your parents were a greek/roman god/goddess? You'd go on life saving quests and meet other people just like you. Everything would be just perfect.
When arriving at Camp Half-Blood Andrea's world changes for the better she falls in love with a blonde haired Apollo kid named Newt, she makes amazing new friends, and even discovers her dad is the dark lord, Hades. That is until her brother disappears along with many other campers. Months pass and she slowly sees everyone she loved and cares about is gone too. Unable to deal with the pain she flees Camp Half-Blood and tries to live life as a normal mortal. Three years pass and she finds herself in a metal cage confused, hungry, and scared. What she didn’t know is that when those cage doors open she will be reunited with her love ones, but they won’t have any memory of her and who they are


9. Coming Out the Closet isn't as Easy as You Thought


Old chapter deleted this is a new and revised one

Justice's P.o.v.

I wiped the tears from my face and started to walking towards the canoe lake where I had a hunch Jason would be. When I neared the lake I saw Jason sitting on a rock all by himself until I saw Thomas come and kneel in front of him. I saw them talk quietly and laugh silently together and finally they were quiet just staring into each other's eyes. I saw them both lean in and their lips brushed against each other's only slightly until Thomas stood up and ran away.

I stared stunned, was my brother gay? Gay for Thomas? I looked at my brother who had brought his fingers to his lips. Stepping from behind him I wrapped my arms around his waist. He jumped at my touch but relaxed and leaned further into it.

"You're not mad at me?"

I nodded my head no, "How can I be? I should have let you explain why you were leaving." I kissed my brother's tear stained cheek. "Now I just feel guilty you had a life before me and now that I've had some time to calm down and think, I feel better and I understand you need to leave."

"I hope you know that I would bring you if I was allowed too."

I only hummed in response.

"I'm sorry. I wish you could come with me to New Rome."

I smiled and tried to change the subject. "Jason are you and Thomas dating?"

Jason stiffened and pulled away from my embrace, "Why do you ask?" His face was now red and sweat covered his hands. "What did you see?"

"Well I came here to apologize and I saw you and Thomas talking then you both leaned in and well you know." I trailed off.

"Are you upset?" He asked worried trailed in his voice.

I nodded my head, "Jason do you really think I care if you're gay or bisexual?"

He stayed quiet.

"Jason it's okay."

"I'm sorry. I just didn't know how to tell you."

"Don't stress it's okay. If you didn't feel comfortable coming out then you should under no circumstances feel pressured into doing so."

He me hugged tightly, my head was buried in his chest, making me feel a whole lot better. "Thank you."

Thomas's P.o.v.

I had no idea what I was doing when I leaned in to kiss Jason. I kept telling myself it was just one of those "getting lost in the moment" type of thing, but even I knew it wasn't like that. Ever since truth or dare, when Nico told me to kiss Jason, all I could think about was Jason's lips against mine. I'll admit I did have feelings for Jason, but I was so used to pushing them away telling me it was only my mind playing tricks on me, but after the kiss I knew these feelings were official.

It had turned out I had ran back to my cabin where Nico was sitting on the top bunk. I glared at him, I was angry at Nico for making me kiss Jason, but I knew it wasn't his fault he didn't know how I truly felt.

"I know your secret."

I looked at him my gaze no longer harsh. "Who told you?"

He jumped off the bed, hitting the floor with a loud thud, he was now in front of me. "No one had to tell me. It was easy to see." He grabbed my wrist and sat me down on a bunk. "Whenever you look at him your pupils are dilated, you always seem so flustered when he talks to you, although you do hide it well. You don't look at Justice like that so, that's how I knew she was just a cover up. You don't have to be embarrassed about being gay. After all homophobia isn't a problem at this camp, being gay isn't a "phobia" the only problem is the people who think of it as a phobia. And you know what? Those people can fuck themselves."

I looked at my "older" brother who was looking me right in the eyes. That's when I heard the bang of the door of our cabin.

"That was such a beautiful speech I almost cried." Andrea walked in and joined us on the bunk. "Thomas, why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't even know myself. I always had a crush on Jason but I thought it was a phase."

Andrea patted my back, "Well now that you know for sure. You can feel comfortable knowing that we accept you."

I nodded hugging my siblings who didn't push me away.

Leo's P.o.v.

I honestly was bored so I decided to go and find Justice and annoy her. Ever since we kissed I always looked forward to bothering her. She was so adorable when she was annoyed, her face turned a light shade of pink, she acted mad but it was so hard trying to take her seriously.

I finally found her in the strawberry fields, mindlessly picking and eating the ripe strawberries. Coming up from behind her I yelled a "boo" in her ear. She squealed and slapped me in the face with the basket in her hand.

"Oh my god! Leo I'm so sorry." I held onto my eye.

"No it's alright. It's my fault anyway."

She put the basket down and grabbed my unoccupied hand and led me back into camp. We arrived at her cabin and she sat me on a bed. She rushed into a bathroom and came back out with a wet cloth. Gently she placed it on my right eye and held it there.

I watched her features, her blonde and purple hair shone, her blue eyes as blue as Jason's, her skin slightly tanned, but not as tanned as mine.

"You look beautiful." I said breathlessly.

She removed the cloth and just stared at me. Her cheeks were a bright red.

"Thank you." She said inaudibly.

I had to admit she was beautiful and by the awkwardness now in the air I could tell she wasn't use to this kind of compliment.

"I think we better get to dinner." She said still looking at me.

I nodded and grabbed her hand leading her outside. We walked silently to the picnic tables. Nearby I heard some weird creaking.

Just ask her out.

"Festus?" I asked.

Justice looked at me confused. "Isn't that the name of your dragon?"

I nodded.

Kiss her.

I blushed, "I can't do that. There's people watching!"

"Is your dragon giving you dating advice?"

I sheepishly nodded.

Justice's P.o.v.

Leo was a flustered mess as I was back in my cabin. I laughed at his uneasiness.

"Maybe it's time you listened to his advice." I placed a kiss to his lips.

The Aphrodite kids erupted in applause and out of the corner of my eye I could have sworn I saw them handing one another money, but the black blur running towards the stable is what really caught my attention. I apologized to Leo and ran after the blur only to find it was Nico. 


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