When I knew you... | Maze Runner & Percy Jackson crossover |

-These characters aren't mine unless said so-
What would your reaction be if you found out your parents were a greek/roman god/goddess? You'd go on life saving quests and meet other people just like you. Everything would be just perfect.
When arriving at Camp Half-Blood Andrea's world changes for the better she falls in love with a blonde haired Apollo kid named Newt, she makes amazing new friends, and even discovers her dad is the dark lord, Hades. That is until her brother disappears along with many other campers. Months pass and she slowly sees everyone she loved and cares about is gone too. Unable to deal with the pain she flees Camp Half-Blood and tries to live life as a normal mortal. Three years pass and she finds herself in a metal cage confused, hungry, and scared. What she didn’t know is that when those cage doors open she will be reunited with her love ones, but they won’t have any memory of her and who they are


2. Blown up Science Rooms and Surprise Detention

Andrea's P.o.v.

The bell finally rang which meant classes were starting. Justice and I had all our classes together so it was impossible for me to get lost and it meant I had someone I could talk to in every class.

Poking her stomach I dragged her into our first period class, "There's no escape from me."

Chuckling softly she rolled her eyes at my childishness, "Damn it." She cursed under her breath. "How will I ever survive?"

Time Lapse: LUNCH

"I'm starving!" I complained as Justice and I waited impatiently in the lunch line. Finally it was our turn and we didn't hesitate to fill out trays with junk food. Finally we were challenged with the battle of finding a place to sit. Then Justice, to the best of her ability, pointed to a table with one single occupant. I recognized it as a feminine figure and something in my brain clicked and I knew it was the girl from this morning.

"Let's sit next to her." She suggested

Trying my best to not let my jealously show I acted like I didn't care, "Whatever you want. As long as there's food I'm quite content."

"You're such a horrible liar." She snickered. "I can see right through your little façade." She rolled her eyes and walked away. I followed her not wanting to sit outside, but I made sure to keep my distance letting her know I was upset at her, but Justice acted as if she didn't care.

"Hi." I heard Justice's chirpy voice ring in my ears.

The dirty blonde haired girl scooted away whispering faintly under breath, "Please they've already done enough damage. Just please give me mercy and leave me alone."

Justice looked confused, "We're not here to hurt you." She reached out to touch her shoulder.

She pulled away from her touch, "I said leave me alone!" She looked at Justice furiously.

That's when I noticed the poorly hidden bruises on her arms and when she stared at us you could see that she had a black eye.

All resentment I once had was forgotten but pity quickly filled that void, "Who?" I said searching in her blue-green eyes, "Who did this to you?"

My question was quickly answered when I heard her bitchy voice.

Justice's P.o.v.

Andrea, who actually seemed worried about this new girl, questioned her, but she didn't have to speak any further when we head Annabelle's voice.

"Justice, Andrea why are you hanging out with that loser?" Annabelle spat obviously disgusted.

The word loser rung in my ears. When I was little Jason was never around and we didn't have a mom or dad so I was in charge of taking care of myself. I wasn't old enough to have a job so I begged around for any loose change. You would imagine not having any parents or an older brother to help in bring in money, so I had to be wise and used that money for food. There hardly was any money for new clothes and shoes. Heck! I couldn't even afford the proper school supplies. So, when I started getting into the older grades I was made fun of for my appearance. They called me loser and hobo, but when I met Andrea everything was a whole lot better she protected me from bullies and she was the only one not embarrassed by me. But when Jason finally came back I knew I could never forgive him but he was the only blood related family I had, so I didn't hesitate to welcome him home with open arms.

I stared daggers at Annabelle, "She isn't a loser." I snarled.

Annabelle scoffed, "Oh I'm sorry. You wouldn't recognize a loser which is actually really surprising since you both look in the mirror every day."

This time it was Andrea's turn to speak up, "I feel really bad for you it must be hard being visually impaired." She gave her a smirk. "But of course I don't pity those who look down upon others. You're just upset you can't look into a mirror because every time you do it cracks."

Annabelle's face twisted up angrily, "Why! How dare you talk to me like that!?"

That's when a teacher finally decided to intervene and Annabelle decided to use her eye drops. "What's going on here?" Mr. Ben's voice sounded loudly. "Girls explain, now!"

Before Andrea or I could speak up Annabelle spoke up, "I was just going to show Trinity here around the school because I knew she was a new student, but then Andrea and Justice come and attack us with insults."

Trinity finally decided to speak up, "No, professor that's not what happened."

"Trinity you seem like a lovely girl." He gave her a genuine smile, "But please don't try to cover up for these delinquents." He gave us a malicious glare. "Since this is your first time verbally harassing another student I'll let you off easy after school detention."

Trinity tried speaking up again but Mr. Ben was already walking away furiously.

Annabelle stormed off happy with herself. Then just when I though couldn't get any worse my brother Jason, Andrea's brother, that cute guy I know Andrea is crushing on, and my crush walked in. I knew by the look on their faces they heard everything.

"I'm screwed." I thought to myself.

Newt's P.o.v.

I walked to lunch with my newly found friends the blonde one was Jason, the one with brown hair was Thomas, and the one with shaggy black hair was Nico. Jason and Thomas were inseparable best friends and Jason tried a little too hard to include Nico into conversations.

"I don't get why you're making such a big deal about it." Thomas told Jason.

Jason looked annoyed and a little hurt, "She's my sister you can't say things about her like that. Especially in front of me." I studied Jason's face and he looked more jealous that angry but Thomas was too stupid to realize. Jason rolled his eyes and turned to me. "Do you have any family at this school?"

I debated whether or not to tell them the truth. "Yea, actually, a younger sister." I glared at Thomas letting him know that she was off limits.

"Don't worry about it, my heart belongs to one girl and one girl only."

I gave him a curt nod letting him know I understood then we were finally in the cafeteria which was chaotic there was a girl screaming and two other girls protecting a third one. A teacher seeing the commotion walked over, the screaming one was obviously fake crying and blaming the other two girls. I finally got a glimpse of the third girl who stood up and tried explaining everything to the teacher, but he cut her off. It was my sister! By the looks on the guys' faces I knew they knew those other girls. I stormed over to my sister and wrapped my arms around her. She resisted at first, but she gave up knowing there was no escape from my overprotective state. Jason was talking to a girl with blonde hair and purple tips, and Thomas was high fiving a brunette. I found myself starring she was stunning.

My sister poked my stomach, "Aww does Newtie got a crush?"

I stopped starring and shook my head in denial but the blush on my cheeks gave it away.

Andrea's P.o.v.

Once I explained everything to Thomas he was really proud.

"That was amazing!" He exclaimed.

I smiled but it quickly turned into a frown. "Thanks but I got detention because of it."

"It was worth it." Justice said. "We had a chance to defend someone and finally do the right thing."

"I really appreciate what you guys did for me." We heard Trinity apologize. "But I'm sorry I made you guys get detention."

"It's fine," I said. "We get detention every now and then."

Justice nodded, "Up to this point I'm not even surprised. We blew up the science room." She smiled. "I'm surprised they didn't expel us."

Before we all knew it we were all introducing ourselves and talking like we were the best of friends, but of course the bell had to interrupt things.


Justice's P.o.v.

Andrea and I were the only ones in detention which was weird. Our teacher would keep telling us to shut up when we whispered to each other or even glanced at each other. He kept eying us which totally creeped me out.

"Andrea doesn't he seem suspicious?" I whispered when he wasn't looking.

She nodded.

"I said stop talking!" He roared then he started to evolve his face stayed the same, but he had the body of a lion, and tail of a scorpion. He charged toward us knocking us out of the desks and onto the floor. He hovered us tail ready to pierce us both but before anything to graphic happened someone broke through the door.

"Seriously this guy again?" Someone grumbled.

Then a blonde broke through the now broken door, "Percy shut up and help me kill the manticore."

"Jason?" I said.

He ignored me and charged towards the manticore Percy following behind him.


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