My little angel

A story about a guardian angel at Hogwatrts! Please read!


4. Chapter 4

*Rosemary's point of view*

I wake up on the ground. My head pounds as I stand up. I look over at Draco picking up Pansy from the pool of blood. Draco glares at me. "Stay away from me." He says as he leave holding Pansy. 
Oh God what have I done. I should of never let my dark side out. What if I killed her? I'd be sent to Hell. I'd be a fallen angle. I'd be stuck there forever. I go out of the castle and run into the forest to cry.
I sit on a tree stump and let the tears flow. I let my wings rip out of my shirt. I fly over the trees with my wings. I soar over the castle and touch the water from the lake with my hands. 
I smile as I touch the clouds. I fly up and dive down. When I touch the ground I retract my wings. There are still holes in the back of my shirt but I don't care. I go back in the castle and make it back to the Slytheren common room without being seen. I sneak up the stairs and find my dorm. I'm the only person there. Just the way I like it. I plop down on the bed and fall asleep. 
For the next few days I stay locked in my room. I don't want to hurt anyone. 'Or do you?' A little voice inside my head asks. I get up and walk to the mirror. I'm pale, skinny, and of dark bags under my eyes. My hair is in a messy ponytail I lay back on my bed.
Hunger rips my insides apart. Even angels can starve. Scars trail up my arms and thighs. The last few days I've let my dark side out so I clawed my thighs and arms. My black tears are splattered on the ground. I hear a soft knock on the door. 
"What do you want." "Are you Rosemary?" "Yes I am." "Draco is looking for you." "Tell him to get lost." I say as I fiddle with the pouch that Mark gave me. A few minutes later I hear a louder knock on the door. "Rose come out. It's Draco."
 I lock the door and lay back down on the bed. "I know your in there." Draco says. I hear Draco walk away. He can jump off a cliff for all I care. I decide tonight I'm going to sneak out. I don't know where but I'll figure it out. To far I'm not doing to good at my job of being a guardian angel. I wait until dark and then, I sneak out.

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