My little angel

A story about a guardian angel at Hogwatrts! Please read!


3. Chapter 3

"Welcome to the Slytheren common room." Draco says as he leads me to a black couch. I sit down and Draco sits next to me. "So how come you weren't in any house?" I say the first reason that I can think of. "I was transferred here yesterday." "From what school?" I quickly make up a name. "St. Peter's school for talented people." "Umm. Ok." Draco says in a confused voice. "Oh God." I mumble as the girl who called Draco her 'Draco poo' walk in. "What are you doing Draco? Why didn't you walk back with me instead of this ugly girl." I stand and shove her. "What's your problem? Why are you so obsessed with Draco?" The girl shoves me back. "I can't believe you just plain out stole my Draco poo from me." "What do you mean I stole him from you?" I say as I start to twitch. "You just went up to him and stole my spot next to him. Then, you left with Draco. You came here and did who knows what with my Draco. You were probably forcing him to kiss your disgusting fucking troll like face." "Pansy shut the fuck up." Draco says as he stands up. "No I won't shut up as longs as bitch over there keeps trying to steal you from me." Pansy says. I can fell my dark side wanting out. So I let it out...

*Third person point of view*

Rosemary's eyes turn pure red as black tears run from her eyes. Her once red hair turns a dark shade of blue. She hovers as Pansy backs up in fear. Rosemary's teeth become sharp as her finger nails become claws. Her skin turns white."Time for you to die." She says as she lunges towards Pansy. Pansy barely dodged Rosemary's attack. Draco stands in fear and shock. The black tears from Rosemary's face fall on the ground. Rosemary scratches Pansy's face with her claws. Blood drips to the ground.  Rosemary grabs Pansy and pins her to the ground. Rosemary cuts Pansy's wrists as a pool of blood forms. Then she cuts Pansy's forehead and carves the word 'ugly' on it. Draco runs over and shoves Rosemary off of Pansy. Rosemary falls to the ground laughing. "You haven't seen the last of me." She says in an insane voice.

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