My little angel

A story about a guardian angel at Hogwatrts! Please read!


2. chapter 2

I wake up to people chattering all around me. There all staring at me. "What's everyones problem?" I mumble as I stand up. "Who are you?" Someone says. "Rosemary." I say as I get ready to leave. "You're not a Gryffindor!" I hear a girl shout. "I sure hope not." I mumble.  I leave and go back into the halls. I see kids rushing all the same direction so I follow them.  I run my hand through my dark red hair as I look for someone to ask if they know Draco.
I go up to one with black hair. "Hey! Do you know where I could find Draco Malfoy?" "Why would you be looking for that twerp?" "I was just wondering." "I'll help you find him. By the way what's your name? I've never seen you before. I'm Harry Potter if you didn't know." "I'm Rosemary." When I say my name a boy next to Harry with fiery red hair looks at me.
 His eyes fill with tears as he walks away quickly. Harry chases after him. I shrug my shoulders and keep following the crowd of kids.This place is ginormous! There's for long tables and one facing the four tables in the back. So this is where all the kids were going to. 
I go up to Harry and tap him on the shoulder. He turns around. He points over to the table on the far right. "Go over there and ask where he is. I can't see him from here." I follow his instructions and walk over to the table. I tap on a boy with bleach blonde hair. He spins around quickly. "What do you want?" He asks annoyed. 
"I'm looking for Draco Malfoy." I say. "Well I'm Draco. What do you want with me?" He says a bit angry but mostly annoyed. "Umm... Hello I'm Rosemary I was wondering if I could be you're friend! You see I'm new here and I wanted someone to hang out with."
"Fine whatever." He mumbles. He gestures for me to sit down beside him.
 I slip in the seat beside him. Next to me is a girl about his age that was scowling at me. "Don't you dare think about stealing my Draco poo." "Umm... Ok." I say. "So are you a mudblood?" He ask me. "No." I say confused. "Are you a pure-blood?" He says excitedly. "Yup." I say still confused. "Oh good!" He says. "God I hate filthy mudbloods." 
I sit there trying to figure stuff out when food starts to appear. The only thing I manage to say is "wow." "What you've never seen this?" I shake my head no. "It's like you were raised in the dark or something." He says as he starts to put food on his plate. I cautiously grab an apple and take a bite. "So what house are you in?" Draco asks as I take another bite. "None." "Well you're a Slytheren now." "I guess that's better than being a Gryffindor." I sit and chat a bit more with Draco until we leave to go to bed

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