My little angel

A story about a guardian angel at Hogwatrts! Please read!


1. chapter 1

Why do I have to do it? Isn't Mark already his guardian angel?" "I've found a better fit for him. Besides you don't have anything to do." I sigh. Sometimes I really hate God. "Fine I'll do it."
 "Good." As soon as God says that I'm transport to outside a castle. 
I look down at myself and find that I am clothed in a blue hoodie and jeans instead of my usual white dress. I feel my wings folded behind my back. I run my hand through my long red hair. I'm looking for a kid named Draco Malfoy.
 I have no idea who this is, much less about where I'm at. I walk towards the castle as the sun starts to set. I make it to the castle when something drops into my pocket. I grab the thing out of my pocket. There's a note and a pouch. I open the crumpled up note. 'This kid your watching is a handful. Have fun! From, Mike.' That's exactly something that Mike would say. 
I hope he's not really a handful. I open the pouch up. It's a lot bigger inside than it is on the outside. Inside is a stick. Why did he give me a stick? I stuff the pouch and note back in my pocket. I go inside the castle and start to walk around. No one is around. I walk around until I see a man. "Hey! Do you know who Draco Malfoy is?" The man turns around and walks towards me. "Why is there a student out of bed?"
He says as he walks to me. He looks ratty. He grabs my arm and drags me down the hall. "Where are we going?" I ask. "To Dumbledoor's office of course." He mumbles as we stop at a statue. This Dumbledoor guy sounds weird. The man mumble somthing inaudible. Stairs start to appear and wind up. The man drags me up the stairs and to a door. He knocks on a door. "Come in." A voice says. The man opens the door and drags me in.
The room is full of odd trinkets and paintings of old people. I am dragged to a desk where an old guy is sitting. "Why do you want Filch." "This student was out of bed after curfew." Filch says. So the ratty looking guy is named Filch. Why does everybody  have weird names here?
"You may leave Filch." Then Dumbledoor points at me. "But as for you, I would like you to stay here." Filch , looking disgusted, turns around and leaves. I plop down on a chair in front of the desk. "I don't think I've seen you before. What's your name?"
 Dumbledoor says. "I'm Rosemary." I say as I study the old man.
 He has a long silvery beard, half-moon glasses, and twinkling blue eyes that seemed to pierce your soul. "And your last name?" I say the first thing I can think of. "Lemonade." He looks at me as if I'm lying but decides that I'm not and leans back a bit in his chair. 
"Well miss Lemonade, you better get back to your dorm." I nod even though I have no idea what he's talking about. I get up and walk out. I walk down the staircase and back into the never ending halls. I walk around a bit until I see a paper on the ground. I pick it up and read it. The word 'phoenix' is scribbled on it. 
I look around and stuff it in my pocket full of other stuff and walk until I end up at a painting that was asking for a password. Why does it need a password anyway? How does it speak? As questions race through my mind I try guessing some passwords.
 I finally get the right password. It was phoenix, just like it says on the slip of paper. I go through the painting and end up in a room with a fire, a couch, and chairs.I sit on the couch and fall asleep.

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