Mechanical Nature

This world is different. You can buy an improvement. A sheet of metal to make you better. Though from what we've seen it just makes everything worse. And the most natural things become distorted. And we become lost.


1. Birth

Glide out. From the womb to the table in seconds; theoretically at least. Darren and Paula never doubted robotic refinements co, but their trust in the organisation was shredded at the moment of an entry. The entry was into neither an inbox nor an activity, but into the world itself. Although already travelled around the globe, the delicate animal still seemed very new to all who observed it. Unfortunately this observation was not always accompanied with good wishes. The first came through the teary eyes of one of its creators, overwhelming emotion consequently contorting his features. To him she seemed unreal and angelic and yet worthy of hatred in the same thought. Next to him lay his partner in creation who never got to see the result of her labours, a worthy observation missed.

This occurrence could be partly blamed on her though… Her choices meant she never even saw it’s little foot kick from within – when covered in metal and electronics all she sensed was the buzzing of equipment. It was sad that the feeling of a switch flicking in her panelling bared more sentimentality than the heartbeat of her only child. Even though she was trying to do things right, she still went wrong. The installation was never meant to harm – it was simply a part of her preparation. It complemented the pristine room at home, like one in a store, each item of furniture and object neatly arranged to ensure it was exactly how they envisioned it.

When Paula’s mother visited earlier in the pregnancy she warned her “things may not turn out how you like. Not everything is under your control, you know.” Yet she continued to organise every aspect with a burning necessity to do so. She eliminated the dangers and niggles that could interrupt her plan. Although the unforeseen malfunction at a crucial moment sliced through her hopes and crumbled her future all from a deadly spark.

For Darren things went hazy. The doctors became a blurring crowd pushing in on him, into him. He screwed his eyes shut. He held onto the chair. At first the grip was tight. Unforgiving fingers clawing to hospital bars in relentless anger paralleled with burning pain. Though after a while it lessened; then it was tired. Tired and dreadfully alone. His eyelids lifted to reveal his surroundings. To him, the room has become bare and desolate. An eerie silenced aided the atmosphere and out of fear he went to step into the light. It was a stagger forwards and then a tumble backwards when he recalled his own temporary paralysis and inability to function. Though he watched. A bead of bright white shone down casting slits on the scrubbed floor.

Soon everything began to slip. Chairs crashing to the walls, their upholstery tearing in anguish. Glass smashing, the shards culminating at the skirting boards joining a line of disembodied furniture.  Then it all sunk with a painful tug downwards and the floors rippled in response. Now all was still, and he took a breath. Another breath marked another moment passed. Suddenly the hospital corridor tore open in the centre and the floor disintegrated in tiles of laminate. There was a groaning sound from within it yet the undertones of screeching and wailing were what made him shake. A tremble staggered through his body and soon he was convulsing uncontrollably. His legs crunched in half and his body tumbled downwards landing in a quivering heap.

Raw emotion inside and out. His façade had vanished, obliterated by the cruelty he just lived, a cruelty exerted through the one he most loved. And now he was just a lump of flesh shaking on a sterilised floor in the left wing of a hospital full of ill and desperate souls. Her death a cross on a graph spanning a mile full of the success and failure with each surgeon, each procedure, each operation, each refinement, each birth. He felt so unimportant and insignificant yet the centre of everything that happens in this world. He slumped further and further and further and further. He fell into a daze behind glass, trapped behind a seemingly permeable layer. Each attempt at escape revealed it was truly impenetrable. The glass boxed him to the floor and no amount of willpower could remove it. He was locked in and locked out from the one he loved most. And it killed him more than her.

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