Good girl


9. 9

Jamie's pov

"Ashley Marie Trent" I warn "Eat." I say strictly and she rolls her eyes before putting the broccoli in her mouth.

She seems to enjoy it as she takes another bite into it.

"See, told you it was good" She smiles at me and gets off my lap, dragging the enormous plate of broccoli in the living room

"Wasn't Michael supposed to come by for tutoring?" Luke asks and I shrug.

"Yes, and Calum too. I invited him over too so I wouldn't be stuck alone with that fuck boy" I groan and Luke pouts

"Why didn't you invite me?"

"Uhm, hello? you're already here" I laugh and slap the back of his head

"Well that was uncalled for" Luke groans and I laugh

"Oh but it was" I say and get up.

"So what time are the boys coming over?"

"Don't call them boys. Calum is A guy and Michael is THE fuck boy" I explain and Luke laughs.

"Okay, okay. So what time Are THE fuck boy and A guy coming for tutoring?" He rephrases and I laugh

"Stop mocking me, and like in two minutes" I shrug

"What about Ashley?" He asks pointing to the three year old watching Dora while eating her broccolis.

"She'll be okay. She won't bother us" Luke nods and there's a knock on the door. Before I can go, Ashley is already running towards it. I decide that i'll be enjoying the show, along with Luke

"Who are you and why are you so tall?" I hear Ashley say.

"Well I'm Calum and that's Michael. Is Jamie here?"

"No. JAMIE COME HERE" She yells and Luke and I laugh

"Baby you're not supposed to say no and then yell for me to come. It's not how it goes" I smile and take her in my arms as she giggles

"I know, it was a joke" We all laugh and she buries her head in the crook of my neck

"Sorry, she's three. She doesn't know the concept of the whole, trying to keep your sister hiding. Well, come in" I smile at Calum and Michael and I both roll our eyes at each other.

"Are you going to be a word-that-I-can't-say-because-there's-children-in-the-room the whole time?" Michael asks and I nod

"If you stop being a total word-that-I-can't-say-because-there's-children-in-the-room, I will" I fake smile and he scoffs

"Okay you two stop, this is only a tutoring class. Jamie i'll take Ash to her room, she seems tired" I sigh and nod before giving Ashley to Luke

"Hey baby, we're going to sleep. Say bye" He says into her ear and she turns to me

"Mummy" She whines and try to get back into my arm

"Mummy's not here baby. Go with Luke, love you" I say and kiss her head before kissing Luke's cheek. He smiles and kiss my nose before heading up to Ashley's baby blue room.

"Are we missing out on something?" Michael asks confused

"Like, are you and Luke together? Or is he the father to Ashley? Cause he seems like it" Calum asks and I shrug

"Luke and I are not together and no he's not her father. He just acts like he is, I don't know why though" the boys laugh and I smile

They don't seem too bad. Well I knew Calum was kind but Michael seems laid back and I feel like he's showing me who he really is, although he's been here for 5 minutes.

"Want something to drink?" I ask and they nod

"Oh and I have pizzaaa" I sing in Michael begins to jump around

"Oh my god yes please" He pleads and follow me into the kitchen. I laugh and open the fridge, revealing a large pizza box. Michael and I stare at it for about ten seconds before someone took it out.

"If you're going to stare at it, i'll be the one eating it" Calum says and takes out a pizza slice. Michael and I look at each other before glaring at Calum

We rush to him and take out the box from his hands.


"We're eating it" We both exclaim before laughing.

"I see you're becoming friends" Luke smiles as he sits down by Calum

"Yea, you could say that. But no fuck boy stuff around me okay?" I warn and Michael frowns

"I'm not a fuck boy" He whines and stomps his foot like a two years old

"That's seems like something a fuck boy would say" I wink and we all laugh.

This is actually going great:)

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