Good girl


8. 8

Jamie's pov

"Can you tutor me tonight?" Michael asks as i lock my front door

"Yes, but i have a question" i sigh


"Why are you at my house?" I question and he shrugs

"I wanted to walk you to school"

"Look, i don't know what you think we are, but we are defiantly not friends. I'm just your tutor and you're a fuck boy. Luke walks me to school, not you" i reply and he nods slowly, looking down at his feet

"Yes, i'm the one walking her to school, now shoo" luke says coming up from behind me.

"Look, I'm just trying to be your friend" Michael says

"No you're not. you're trying to get in my pants" I say and he smirks.

"Indeed I am, is there something wrong with that, baby girl?" He asks

"Oh no, there's nothing wrong, although you're never going to achieve that"

"Whatever" He scolds before walking to school.

Luke takes my hand in his and I entwine our fingers before we walk to school, taking a different street than Michael


"So the letter 'X' Here, represents and undefined number. I want you to find that number and explain how you found it." I smile and start writing down my answer in my notebook, already pleased with what we'll be learning today- well, doing. Since I already know this stuff.

As I finish our assignment, I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket and I groan, probably Luke texting me one of his penguin jokes. I decide to ignore it and start doodling on my arm. A few seconds later, I feel my phone vibrate again and I raise a brow.

I look up at my teacher, seeing him very concentrated on something on his laptop and I take my phone out.

*You have two texts from: Fuckboiiii*

Oh. Hi Michael.

I unlock my phone and look at the texts.

Fuckboiiii: I'll slide my hands down your thighs and start kissing your stomach, making eye contact with you after every kiss.

Fuckboiiii: Then, i'll stop at your hip bones and ask... What's for diner? And you'll say




I laugh at my response and immediately screenshot the texts to send them to Luke.

Even though he's right behind me, I don't want to get caught talking to him.

After a few seconds, I hear Luke giggling, non-stop

"Oh my good, you're the queen." He says an di turn around to smirk at him.

"I know." We both silently laugh and my phone vibrates again

"who's it from?" Luke asks and I look down at my phone

"Calum" He nods

Calum: Great job with Michael. He send me the texts and oh my god you're amazing:`)

Jamie: Damn right I am

I turn my phone off as I see the teacher coming close to me.

"Jamie how easy was it today?" He asks and I laugh

"Uhm... It was hard" We both laugh and I hear someone's phone ding.

"Clifford, phone. Now" Our teacher says walking to Michael

"Dude. Jamie and Luke were on them earlier" he smirks at me and I glare at him

M. Cole looks at Luke and I then turns back to Michael

"Nope. Give" Michael groans and give his phone to the teacher

I silently laugh and reach my hand over my shoulder. Luke gets the hint and we high five.

I love seeing the bad boy in trouble.

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