Good girl


7. 7

Jamie's pov

"So there's this party Saturday night and I was wondering if you'd like to come? As my date of course." Michael asks after a few minutes of me tutoring him. Calum left earlier, saying his mum was claiming him.

"You can go with another one of your sluts, cause I'm defiantly not going with you, or at all."

"Come on Jamie, live a little. You're always studying or something. You never went to a party in your life, right?" I shake my head and he smirks

"See? Why don't I show you what parties are?"

"Uhm no sorry. Luke can do that for me. No, I think I've showed you enough for tonight. Goodbye" I send Michael a fake smile and he rolls his eyes

"Would you stop? I'm trying to make you popular here"

"dude, I'm fine with being the straight A student. I don't need you or anybody other than Luke in my life. Like seriously, do you really think I'm going to fall for your tricks?"

"Not today, but another day you will, babe. I can guarantee you that"

"No I won't." I argue and he smirks before standing up

"That's what they all say" He winks at me and I scoff

"Goodbye Michael."

"Bye, babe" I sigh

"Seriously, get out" I point to my door and he nods

"You'll be mine one day, I promise" I roll my eyes at him again and he grins before getting out of my room and leaving my house.

He is so annoying. If he thinks I'm going to fall for him, he's wrong. I'm not one of those desperate girls at school that only want sex from him. I admit he's gorgeous but he's a heart breaker.

He asks girls out, have sex with them and leaves them first thing in the morning.

Typical fuck boy image.

"Jamie?" I turn around and see Ashley standing in my doorframe, holding her teddy bear in her arms.

"Yes baby?" I ask and she walks to me

"Can I watch you work? I can't sleep" She says and I nod before patting my knees for her to sit. She smiles before jumping on me. My desk chair moves a bit due to Ashley's jump but I replace it in front of my desk.

"What is this?" She asks pointing to my math homework

"That's math"

"Like 1+1?" She asks excitedly

"Yes baby, but just a bit more complicated" I laugh and her nose scrunches up as she giggles

"You're a genius in math" She replies as she admires my work . I chuckle and put her down

"I think that's enough of maths for you young girl.  Come on let's get you to sleep" Dad says as he walks into my room. Ashley hops off my lap and I smile at my dad before he takes her into her room. I get up and close my door, then I hop on my bed.

I put on my ear buds and listen to Ed Sheeran's song, Lego house. It's mine and Luke's favourite song.

I look up at the ceiling and search through all my memories with Luke. A flashback of us two years ago pops into my head and I laugh...

"Luke stop following me" I groan heading into my room

"Awe come on, are you really mad at me for that?"

"Yes, it was my chocolate" I scoff and I hear him laugh, making my lips curve at the top.

"See, you can't even stay mad at me"

"No I can't, and you should know that. Dude I've been putting up with your shit for 13 years" I smile and he does the same

"Come here" He says opening his arms

I quickly slide myself into them and I feel him smile

"You know, you'll always be my number one girl" He says and my face flushes at his words

"Even when you'll have a girlfriend?" I question into his chest and he hums

"Even when i'll have a girlfriend, you'll always be my number one, beautiful"  I smile and hold him tightly against me

"I love you Jamie"

"I love you too, dumbass"

"Hey" He whines and pull away as I laugh

I smile to myself as I replay that memory. It was the first time Luke said he loved me, in a non platonic way of course.

It was really nice to know someone was there for me whenever.

I get out of my trans as I hear slight knocks on my window

I turn around in my bed and look at Luke, who is pouting. I laugh and nod  , signalling for him to come in.

"It's starting to get freezing out there" He says as he rubs is arms up and down, trying to create some sort of warmth.

"Let's cuddle" I whine as I take his arm and pull him to my bed. He laughs and pushes me down on my back before spreading his long body on mine.

"Or you can sleep on me, I don't mind" I laugh and he giggles

"I saw Michael in here a few minutes ago" He says rolling off of me and landing beside me on my bed


"And, what was he doing here?" He asks as we both stare at my ceiling

"I ran into Calum and him at the beach and he asked me to tutor him tonight. Of course he was flirting-well attempting to- the whole time but it's typical of him. Luke nods and laughs

"Music?" He asks. I nod and place one of my ear buds in his left ear. He smiles at me and I blush

"How about... The 1975?" I ask scrolling through my music. Luke nods furiously and I put on 'Sex' by the 1975

"and this is how it starts

You take your shoes off in the back of my van

Yeah my shirt looks so good

when it's just hanging off your back" We both sing along before laughing

"This song will never get old" Luke says and I agree.

"No it won't" I say and we both giggle

"Can I sleep with you tonight? It's been a long time" Luke pouts and I nod before sitting up.

"Hey I'm still listening to it" Luke says sitting up too and placing the ear bud back in his ear.

"Shush. Do you want clothes?" He nods and I give him my ear bud before getting up and looking through my closet

I take out Luke's PE shorts and a 'You complete me Ss' Tank top.

I throw the clothes at him and he smiles.

He quickly puts them on as I scroll threw my Twitter feed

"Let's go to bed" Luke says pushing me back on my bed again and laying next to me. We crawl under the covers and I turn away from him. I feel Luke snake his arm around my waist, holding my stomach as the other arm goes around my neck. He takes my hand in his and entwines our fingers. I smile and he pecks my cheek before we both drift into a deep sleep.


So I know this story seems like it's a Luke Hemmings fanfic, but it's not. It's just to prepare the other chapters. Hope you like this story so far cause I sure as hell love to write it. Thanks! xxx

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