Good girl


6. 6

Jamie's pov

Luke barges into my room, panting

"Woah there tiger what's hapening?" I ask laughing and he glares at me

"My mum wanted me to give you those" Luke replies handing me a small box full of cupcakes

"And you didn't want to wait for tomorrow?" I laugh taking the box and putting it on my desk

"Nope. So did Michael text you like he said he would?" He asks sitting on my bed

"Nan. And honestly, i don't want him to" I sigh jumping next to Luke on my bed

"Doesn't it seem weird that suddenly he's taken an interest in you? I mean you're beautiful and all but he's the bad guy and you're the sweet innocent girl" Luke grins and I elbowed him in the stomach

"I'm not that innocent... I stole 25 cents from my mum yesterday" I say and Luke laughs

"Are you serious? Michael did the same but add a couple zeros and he didn't steal it from his mum, but from the bank"

I roll my eyes but soon enough we're both laughing

"MUM" I yell

"Yes honey?!" She calls back

"Am I innocent?!" I ask and I hear my parents laughing. I then hear footsteps going up the stairs and a few seconds later, my parents and Ashley are standing in my door frame.

"Lukey!" Ashley yells jumping on my bed. She jumps on Luke, making him lie down and she cuddles into his chest.

"Awe I told you you had a crushy wushy" I tease her again and she buries her face into Luke's chest

"I'm a bit too old for her though" Luke laughs

"But to answer your question Jamie, yes you are" My dad says and mum tries to hold her laugh in

"Laugh all you want, but I'm not innocent" I argue crossing my arms

"sure you are, Jamie I've known you for 15 years now and you're nowhere near a bad girl" Luke says

"Okay can someone just back me up on this?" I exclaim and they all laugh

"Nope, anyways we made desert so if you two want some, come down" Luke and I nod.

I turn to look at him and he has his arms around Ashley's waist and her head on hi chest

"Let me guess, she's asleep?" I ask giggling and he nods

"Help" He whispers and I laugh

"Just get up slowly, we'll take her to her room." He nods and do as told.

"I have to go home, i'll see you tomorrow morning beautiful" Luke says looking down at his phone before her ran downstairs

What can I do now? Eat cupcakes? god no.

The beach, always the answer

"Mum I'm going to the beach" I say and she nods

"Be back in two hours" I nod and take my phone and my skate.

--- At the beach---

I walk by the shore, admiring the sunset before my eyes. this is what I like about Sydney the most. the sunsets, they are so beautiful. I mean all these colours mixed together makes the sky perfect.

I feel something bumping into me and I soon fall into the water.

"What the hell?" I shriek as I looked up at the person

"Oh my god I'm so sorry I- Jamie?" Calum asks and I raise a brow

"How do you know my name?" I ask

"Well Ashton's been talking about how annoying your best friend is and Michael been talking non-stop about you"

"Great." I groan getting up and realising I had my phone in my pocket.

"Oh my god Jamie I'm so sorry" Calum apologises as he sees my phone

"don't worry about it, it's water proof" He sigh in relief and I laugh

"Look what we have here" Michael says walking up to us

"what do you want?" I ask

"Well, I texted you but you didn't answer, why's that?"

"Well I was with Luke about twenty minutes ago" I shrug and he clenches his jaw

"Well when can you tutor me, princess?" He smirks, grabbing me by my waist

"whenever you want. Now if you'll excuse me, I don't want to be in your presence" I give him a fake smile and get out of his grip

"Could you tutor me tonight?" He asks and I nod

"No funny business though" I warn and he grins.

"That's fine."

"Well, i'll text you my address" I sigh and begin walking away

"Why can't I go with you?" Michael calls and I stop in my track. I turn to look at him and Calum

"Fine. Calum can come too if he wants" They both cheer and I took a deep breath before they start walking by me



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