Good girl


5. 5

Jamie's pov

"Okay so here's my number. Call me only for the tutoring, otherwise i delete your number. Do i make myself clear?" I ask Michael and he rolls his eyes

"Darling,i'll call you whenever i want, do you understand?"

"Just shut up okay? Do you want me to tutor you or not?"

"Well i hate school but if it allows me to get closer to you, i'm in" i scoff and turn around, heading down the hall.

"I'll text you tonight Jamie!" Michael calls and i roll my eyes before exiting school.

I manage to pass through all the students and spot Luke waiting by a tree

"Hey, sorry i had something to do" i apologize and he nods

"It's fine. Let's go home i'm exhausted" i nod and he takes my hand. We both walk in silent to my house, just like every other day

"Do you want to eat here?" I ask Luke once we stepped on my porch

"No i have to go home but i'll text you later beautiful" luke leans in and kisses my cheek. I blush and look down as he walks away and waves at me

"Bye" i call before going in my house

"Hello darling!" Mum calls as i close the door

"Hey mum!" I take off my shoes and step into the living room

"Lukey's not here?" Ashley asks and i shake my head

"No baby, he had to go home tonight" she nods and runs to me before hugging my waist, since she can only just reach it.

"What was that for?" I aks once she pulled away

" i don't know. Oh the doctor said i had the flu. What's the flu? Am i going to die? Oh my god daddy i'm dying?!" Ashley screams and i laugh, along with mum and dad

"No hun, the flu is not a deadly disease. You'll be just fine" she nods and smile

"we're eating LASAGNA tonight" she says and i laugh

"You really love lasagna don't you?" Ashley nods furiously and i smile

"Alrighty then, i'll be in my room." My parents nod and i kiss Ashely's small head before running upstairs to my room

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