Good girl


4. 4

Jamie's pov

"Jamie, i would like to talk to you after class" my Biology teacher says.

I get 'ohh's ' and 'good girl's in trouble' from the whole class and i sigh

"Michael Clifford too" he adds

"What did i do?" Michael asks

"He'll tell you at the end of this class, dumbass" i mumble

"Shut up smartypants" he shoots back

"Oh wow, great comeback" i say sarcastically

"Maybe if you'd-"

"Okay enough!" Michael and i shut up and continue our homework


"You what?!" Miranda and Luke both shriek

"I'll have to teach biology to Michael" i say again to my two best friends

"Why didn't they take another student?" Luke groans and i shrug

"Mr Puff said i have the highest grade and Michael the lowest. Add two and two and BAM. I'm his tutor." I groan

"Well, do you want me to be there when you tutor him? Just so he doesn't tie you up and rape you?" Luke asks and i glare at him

"Oh wow thanks" i roll my eyes

"No i meant... You know what i meant" he sigh and i nod

"I agree with Luke for once, Michael could try to get in your pants" Miranda says

"And i won't let him, just like every other day" i say and they both nod

"We should go get our books for Spanish class" Luke suggest and i nod

"Good idea"

"You guys go, i have to set up the auditorium for the theatre class" Miranda says getting up and throwing her leftover food away

"Okay i'll text you later"

"Okay, bye guys" she waves before walking away

"Shall we?" Luke asks me

"We shall" we both laugh and head to our locker

I take out my Spanish books and turn around, just to bump into Michael

"Leave her alone, Clifford" Luke groans

"Not until i tell her this. Sweetheart, you're tutoring me in French too. See you later" he winks before walking away.

"Damn it!" I yell and look at Luke, who has a sympathetic look on his face

"Let's just go"

"Jamie, est-ce que Michael t'a dit que tu allais l'aider en francais?"Our french teacher asks me

"Oui" i reply and she nods before continuing her lesson

"What the hell did she say?" Michael whispers to me

"She asked me if you told me about tutoring. I said yes" he nods and smirks

"Good at French and goodie two shoe, what else?"

"Could you stop with that?"

"Yea quit it it's getting annoying" Luke chimes in

"Awe that's cute, little boyfriend Luke is sticking up for little girlfriend Jamie" michael pouts

"Shut up" luke and i both groan

I hate this kid

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