Good girl


3. 3

Jamie's pov

"Okay Ash! It's almost diner time, we have to go!" I yell and Ashley soon walks back to Luke and I.

"Ready to go little girl?" Luke asks as he ruffles her hair.

"Yes!" She exclaims and I laugh

"Well then, let's go!"  Luke says as his hand goes around my waist. I smile and take Ashley's little hand in mine. We walk back to my house in a comfortable silence


"Right on time! Luke would you like to stay for diner?" Mum says as we close the front door

"If you don't mind mrs. Trent" Luke says politely, taking his vans off

"Oh dear no i don't at all. and how many times do i have to tell you, Hemmings, call me Stephany!" mum exclaims smacking the back of Luke's head

"Ohh you just got told!" Ashley says before running away

Luke and I laugh

"Yea Luke, you've been here like thousands of times, you should know my mum's name" I tease, nudging his stomach. he smirks and we both walk to the kitchen, before sitting down.

"Dig in!" My dad yells and we all start eating


---The next morning----

*Knock Knock*

"Coming!" I yell before putting my hair straightner down and running downstairs. I open the door, reveiling my beautiful, dorky best friend

"Hey Lucas" I say out of breath

"sup Jamie" He greets and i let him in.

"Ready or...?"

"Uh yea, let me take my bag, then we're off" Luke nods and i rush upstairs. I take my backpack and run back to Luke

"Are your parents already gone?" he asks as i lock my front door

"Yea, Ash hasn't been feeling good so they went to the doctors early." Luke nods and we both start walking to school. It's only 10 minutes so we never take the bus. Unless there's a storm or something.



We reach school and walk to our locker. I wait for Luke to take his books from our locker before i take mine. We walk towards our class before i realise something

"Wait, don't we have PE first?" I ask and he face palms.

"Let's go" He groans and i laugh. We walk back to our locker and i see two girls talking. Since they were so close to us, i could perfectly hear what they were saying

"I can't believe Jamie slept with Michael. Such a slut. I mean, wasn't she already going out with Luke?" one of the unknown girls said. I rose a brow, me and Luke? I slept with Michael?

"Jamie?" Luke snaps his fingers in my face and i get out of my trans

"Don't listen to them." he says as he hands me my sports bag. I smile at him and we walk towards the gymnasium.

Since class hasn't started yet, we sit on a bench by the changing rooms.

"I can't believe they said you were a slut. If anything, they are. I mean, they've slept with Michael far more than you." Luke mutters

"Hey don't worry. It's fine I know they're just rumors. I know Michael started them so i'll go talk to him."


"No buts" I say strictly and he frowns before crossing his arms over his chest

"I don't want you getting hurt" He pouts

"I'm not. I'm perfectly fine!" I laugh

"Fine." He huffs and i giggle

"Don't be mad" Luke starts to laugh and i do too


I look at Luke and we both stand up

"See you in class" We both yell as we enter the changing rooms



"Hey Michael!" I call as i see him in the corner of the gym, talking to his gang

"Ahhh Jamie, finally changed your mind?" Michael smirks and shoo's his gang. I give him a fake smile and approach him

"no, and you know that'll never happen. I'm here to tell you to stop spreading nasty rumors" I say crossing my arms and he smirks again

"I don't know what you're talking about babe" he says innocently and i huff

"Oh, so you didn't say to one of your sluts that we've been sleeping together?" I ask and he looks up at the ceiling,  thinks

"that may have escaped my mouth, yea" He says looking back at me and i sigh

"Well stop" I say

"And why would i do that?"

" Cause it's fake and i don't want to be known as a slut, like very other girls in here" I say pointing to all the girls in our gym class, wearing booty shorts and crop tops.

"I bet you'd be hot wearing that" Michael says eyeing me and biting his lip

"Ugh" I groan and walk back to Luke, who was laughing

"It's not funny" I pout and he takes me in for a hug

"awe I'm sorry" he laughs and i scoff

"You don't deserve my friendship." I look back at Luke and see him pouting

"Fine"I sigh and hug him


"shut up"



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