Good girl


20. 20

Jamie's pov

"I'm hungry" Michael groans

"Go get something"

"But it's your house"

"But i don't care"

"Jamie" He whines and i scoff before getting out of his grip and off the couch.

I walk to the kitchen and open the fridge before retrieving the pizza from it. I quickly microwave it and jog back to the living room, only to find Michael on the phone. I set the hot pizza on the table and sit back down beside Michael. 

"Yeah. Okay i'll be right over. Bye" I rase a brow at Michael and he sighs, looking at me

"I have to go, mum wants me to do my chores" I nod and he kisses my forehead 

"Bye Jamie"

"Bye Michael" He smiles at me and walks out of the door, leaving me bored out of my mind


"I can't believe he did that!"

"I know right! He could've just passed the ball to Jurman! Now everyone thinks it's Tavares's fault that they lost!" I scream at the Tv. Luke and my dad laugh and i scoff

"Shut up." I groan and Luke wraps his arm around my shoulders.

"Awe i'm sorry, you're just the cutest when you watch football. Don't blame me" He laughs and i roll my eyes, a small smile tugging at my lips

"True. Dad we'll be upstairs" My dad nods and take a sip of his beer before Luke and i get up from the couch and run up the stairts.

"I haven't heard from Michael in a couple of days, what's up with him?" Luke asks as he sits on my desk chair and rolls around my room.

"Nothing. He came around earlier but had to leave, his mum wanted him or something like that" I shrug and he nods

"Right... And how's it going with Miranda"

"She poured slush on Mike and I, i'm not sure we're friends" I say and Luke chuckles.

"i get it. Either way, i never really liked that girl" He says and i laugh

"Oh yea, i totally figured since you were always with her" I roll my eyes

"Totally not true!" He argues "I'm always with you" 

"Alright, now stop shouting" I tease and he groans

"I hate you"

"But the thing is, you don't" I giggle and sit on his lap

"Guess you're right... Hey, do you remember anything that happened at that party a couple of days ago?" He asks

"We are not talking about this" I groan and he raises a brow at me

"What? Why not?"

"Cause we kissed" I get off his lap and he laughs

"I know"

"Then why the heck did you make me say it?" I whine

"Cause it's funny" I watch Luke as he spins around in my chair, throwing pieces of paper in the air.

"Where's Ashely" He asks after a few minutes of goofing around

"I don't know. Mum said she was taking her somewhere.." Luke nods .

We keep talking about different subjects until my phone goes off

"Who is it?" Luke asks and i reach over to grab my phone on my nighstand.

"Michael" I unlock my device and gasp as a picture pops up.

I let my phone slide out of my hands and Luke runs over to me, taking my phone in his hand

"What the hell?!" He exclaims

"I-i don't feel good" I hold my head, feeling myself getting dizzy

"Hey Jamie calm down. I'm sure it's nothing."

"Luke there's a picture of a girl in his bed, with him cuddling her for god sakes! She took a picture, knowing damn well that i'm his girlfriend!" I exclaim as i stand up, tugging at my hair

"I'm sure it's a misunderstanding-"

"Why are you standing up for him?" I ask

"Because, i'm sure there's an explanation" He sighs and i groan

"You/re right, and we're going to find out right now" I mutter. I snatch my phone out of Luke's hands and take his arm, leading him out of my room.

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