Good girl


2. 2

Jamie's pov

"Hello mum! Hi dad!" I exclaim as i enter my house

"Hello Jamie, how was school?" Dad asks as he comes into view

"Oh you know, the usual" i respond and he nods

"Could you go check on Ashley? She's not doing better than this morning, she's been claiming you all day" i nod and quickly run up the stairs and into my sister's bedroom.

I see her curled up in a ball with my stuffed pizza cushion. I smile and slowly sit down by her side and start stroking her hair

"Hey Ash" i whisper and her tiny eye opens a bit

"Jamie?" She calls and i nod

"Hey baby, how are you?"

"My tummy hurts and my head. But mommy made me soup and it kept me warm" she says as she sits up slowly in her bed

"Do you want me to stay?" I ask and she nods her head before laying back down. I stroke her hair and sing a song for her.

"I love you J" she whispers before small snores escape her mouth

"Love you too" i whisper before kissing her forehead and getting up

"I feel bad for her" i frown as i sit beside my dad on the couch

"Relax, she's 3,she's over reacting." He smiles at me and i do the same

"Where's mum?'' I ask, getting up to grab an apple on the counter

"She's still at work, she should be here in about 5 minutes" my dad says. I nod and bite into the apple

"Okay, well i'll be in my room. Oh and can Luke come?" I ask and dad nods.

"Sure." I smile and run up to my room and text Luke.

( J- jamie L- Luke)

J- hey can you come over?

He replies a second later

L- of course! I'll be there in 10

I smile and put my phone down before opening my laptop and sitting down on my bed

"You can't go wrong with Alx James" i whisper as i type in his name on youtube ( if you don't know him, he's a viner. He's great. Alx for life.)

After a few minutes, Luke comes into my room and flops down beside me

"Hello butt face" he greats

"Hey asswipe" i say and we both laugh

"So, what do you want to do?" I ask closing my laptop

"I don't know, let's go to the park" luke suggests

"Okay sure. Let me go and see Ash" i say and he nods. We both get up from the bed and head to Ashley's room

"Hey baby girl" Luke says as he sees Ashley awake. She giggles and blush before burrying her face in her pillow

"I think Ashley's got a crushy wushy" i tease and she giggles again

"No. I just like his hair" she replies trying to reach for Luke's quiff

"Fine." He huffs and put his head down, letting Ashley touch it

"See, his hair's fluffy" she giggles and i smile.

"Are you feeling better?" I ask sitting beside her

"Yes. I want to go outside but daddy won't let me" she pouts

"Jamie and i were going to go to the park, wanna come?" Luke asks and she cheers.

"Okay come on" i take her in my arms and we all head downstairs

"Oh hi mum! Luke, Ashley and i are going to the park" i say and put Ash down

"Okay that's fine. Do you have homework?" She asks Luke and I

"No, we don't." Luke says

"Okay. Be here before diner" i nod and take Ashley's hand. We walk towards the door and to the park.

"Okay go play." I say to Ashely and push her lightly.

"Are you and Luke going to kiss today?" She asks innocently and Luke and I laugh

"No honey, just like every other time you ask" she nods and smile before running towards the playground.

"She's never going to let that go is she?" Luke laughs and i shrug

"Maybe" we laugh and sit down on a bench

"Sorry i wasn't there at school today, i had an appointment" luke says and i nod

"It's fine"

"Did Michael bother you?" He asks and i shake my head

"Just a bit but you know, nothing harming" he smiles at me and i do the same

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