Good girl


19. 19

Jamie's pov

"Llevo?" Michael asks

"No it's lleva. The ending doesn't change even if it's a boy." I explain and Michael groans

"I absolutely hate Spanish" he fake cries and i laugh

"Sorry babe, but you have to pass this test if you want to graduate" i giggle 

"Don't babe me, you're being awful to me" He pouts.

"You're saying that like i actually give a shit" I laugh 

He opens his mouth to say something but closes it immediately and crosses his arms over his chest.

"Quiet please!" Our spanish teacher calls out. I roll my eyes and look back at Michael

"Isn't this supposed to be studying... As in we have to talk?" I shrug and sigh

"I guess... Hey, how about tonight you come over? We can study and hopefully persuade my mum that you're a good guy"

"sure why not." he pecks my cheek and i smile at him before we get back to our work


"Why is Miranda sitting over there?" Luke asks poiting to the tall brunette, sitting with the jocks and cheerleaders.

"We had a small fight this morning," I admit "we argued about Michael"

"About Michael?"

"Yes, about me." Mike laughs as he takes a seat next to me, followed by Ashton and Calum.

"How come?"

"She said something about this being a bad idea and what not." Michael rolls his eyes and i laugh

"She'll get over it" Calum shrugs

"Yeah... Hey Ash, how's it going with her by the way?" I joke 

"Oh my god Jamie shut, up!" He groans and lays his head on the table.

We all laugh and eat as i tried my hardest not to think about Michael's hand on my thigh, making small circles in my inner thigh.


As the final bell rung, Michael, Luke and I bolt out of the class and to our lockers

"Okay we have exactly 32 seconds before the hall is completely crowded" Luke pants as he tries to unlock our locker.

"Hurry up!" I screech

"I can't!" after a few seconds, he finally unlocks it and we throw our stuff in it before taking our backpacks and shoes. I lock our locker and we run through hoards of students before finally reaching the exit. We step outside and high five before i see Michael by a tree, laughing at us. Luke and i say our goodbyes before i join Michael

"Let me guess... Couldn't open the locker?" He asks and i nod

"Got stuck." He laughs and leans down, pecking my lips softly. 

"PDA" Someone yells before i felt cold liquid run down my back. I pull away from Michael and look at him. Blue slush is running down his face and shirt and i guess i have the same.

"What the hell! Miranda?!" Michael screams, looking behind me. I screw my eyes shut and turn around, facing the bitch herself

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" I yell and whip some leftover slush from my forehead

"Honey, you should've seen this coming" She laughs

"Uh...How?! We were perfectly fine until this morning... OH my god you're jealous!" She scoffs and rolls her eyes

"Jamie, if you think i'm jealous of you for going out with that, you need to think again" She smirks and i gasp

"I am going to kill you!" As i start to run towards her, strong arms wrap themselves around my waist

"Jamie, stop" Michael whispers in my ear.

"No, let me go!" I cry out

"Let's just go home" He says

"Michael, please"

"No, i care for you and i'm not going to let you fight her"  i softly nod before turning around and wrapping my arms around his waist, pulling him close to me

"I'm sorry" I whimper

"It's not your fault, Jamie. let's go" He kisses my forehead before we turn around, heading towards my house

"Yeah that's right, good girl can't handle a little fight" I hear Miranda call from behind us and i clench my fists. We hear her 'crew' laughing before Michael and i take another street, the walls of the buildings completely blocking the sound of their voices.

"It's going to be okay" Michael sighs and plants a kiss to my temple. I smile lightly and look at the ground, blushing

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