Good girl


18. 18

Jamie's pov

"So how was your weekend with Michael?" Miranda asks as she appears by my locker

"Who told you that?"


Of course

"But really we only did our French project... And kissed a little" i blush and look down as Miranda looks at me, wide eyes

"You're going out with Michael Clifford?!" She screeches and everyone in the hall turns to us and starts whispering

"Miranda shut up! And yes, what's the problem with that?" I ask as i take out my History books

"Uh... Only that he's the school's fuck boy! Jamie what were you thinking?!"

"Relax Max. He's actually an awesome guy and i like him a lot" i defend with a huff

"I like you too" i turn around and laugh as i see Michael standing there, smirking.

"You were not supposed to hear that" i giggle and close my locker

"But i did."

"Michael could you go away please?" Miranda asks with a smile, which is completely fake

"Why? Can't i hang out with my girlfriend?"

"She's your girlfriend? I thought she'd be another one of your side hoes"

"Miranda!" I gasp and she shrugs

"I'm sorry if labels affect your opinion on everyone but that's not my problem. You shouldn't be judging someone by what you hear or see, you have to understand what's going on before saying i'm a fuck boy. Because i'm not. And i really like Jamie so you should get used to it" he snaps and i put my hand on his arm, soothing him before he explodes

"It's not just the labels, Michael. It's the fact that i saw you with a different girl every morning. Making out with them, grabbing-"

"ENOUGH! What is wrong with you Miranda?! I thought you were my friend?!" She shrugs and looks down

"That's what i thought. Come on Mike" i take Michael's hand and drag him to first period

"Babe stop" Michael takes a hold of my shoulder and turns me around before pinning me to a wall

He sees the tears streaming down my face and whips them with his thumbs.

He leans into me and presses our foreheads together

"It's fine. You guys are best friends. You'll forgive her" he says and i shake my head

"She shouldn't have said that! I mean it's the first time i'm really happy and she tries to ruin it" i sob and he nods

"Maybe she thinks i'm bad for you."

"But you're not. You're great for me"

"I know. We'll just have to prove her wrong" i nod and smile at him before kissing his soft lips

"Thank you" i breathe out as we pull away

"No problem" he kisses my forehead and takes my hand as we hear the bell ringing

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