Good girl


17. 17

Jamie's pov

"So, what are we going to say?" I ask Michael as we walk down the street.

After the party, we decided to go to an ice cream parlour down the street, although it's one in the morning.

"What do you mean?"

"Well some people must have seen us.. You know... So what are we going to say at school?" I ask again and Michael smirks at me

"What did people see?" He asks and i scoff

"Mike" i whine and he laughs

"Come on Jamie, what did they see?"

"They saw us make out" he smiles and pulls my into his side

"And did you like it?"

"Michael!" He chuckles and i shove him

"I'm just joking, but i have to admit, you're a great kisser" he winks at me and i giggle before blushing

"But in all seriousness, we'll just say we're together" he shrugs

"Yea but we're not"


"We only made out" i point out

"But maybe i want more than to just make out with you"

"Same goes for me, which is why we made out. Get your shit together Clifford" i smack the back of his head and he pouts

"Sorry.. I thought you didn't want more than that"

"Why would i not? You're hot" i stop in my tracks and cover my mouth with my hand

"I'm what now?" He smirks

"I'm going to smack that smirk off your face, Clifford" he laughs and pulls me by my hand and runs

"Come on, i want my ice cream"

"Fine, stop running" he laughs and we enter the parlour


"So, if there's going to be an us, i should probably ask you"

I giggle and nod at Michael's sudden words

"Jamie, will you be my girlfriend?"

"I'll have to think about it" i smirk and look up, seeing him pouting

"Fine" i playfully roll my eyes and wrap my arms around his neck before placing a brief kiss on his lips.

He pulls away and i pout, suddenly craving more

"Hey girlfriend"

"Hey boyfriend" he giggles and kisses me again

"We should maybe get you home" he suggest and i nod

"Yea... My mum's not gonna be proud, i drank" he laughs and nods as i shove him

"What?" He pouts and i giggle

"Nothing... So no more fuck boy stuff?" I ask and he sighs

"No more, i promise" i smile and lean my head on his shoulder

We get to his house and i realize how freakin trashed it is.

"I'll help you" i say as i start picking up some beer bottles in the front yard

"No need to."

"Yes. I had the idea for the party, your house is trashed so i'll clean. Simple" he chuckles and shakes his head as we finish cleaning outside

"I'm tired" i yawn as we put the last trash bag in the black bin

"Why don't you sleep here?"


"Yea, you could sleep here and i could drive you to your house in the morning."

"Are you sure? I don't want to be a hassle"

"Why would you be a hassle? You're my girlfriend" he winks at me and i blush and look down

"Fine. I'll text my mum, saying i'm at Luke's"

"Why Luke?"

"Cause she wouldn't want me to be with you for the night. Let's just say she hasn't fully forgiven you" i say referring to the time where he set me up

"Right." He giggles and i shake my head before cracking a smile and texting my mum

She responds back with an okay and i decide to text Luke, just in case my mum calls at his house

(J-jamie L-Luke)

J- if my mum asks, i'm at your house

L- what? why?

J-cause i told her so

L- where are you?

J- at Michael's

L- ohhh he's getting his birthday gift😏


L- Jk. Fine but you owe me something

J- i always do

L- you got it. Alright see you monday

J- bye bitch

L-bye slut

I turn my phone off and follow Michael inside

"Hey do you remember we had our French project together?" He asks and i groan

"Ugh no i totally forgot about that" i whine and he laughs

"Relax, it's friday. We have the whole weekend to do it. Plus we'll be together. The whole weekend" he wiggles his eyebrows and i laugh before shoving him

"You said together the whole weekend twice, dimwit"

"Awe i'm sorry babe" he laughs and hugs me

"I like the sound of that" i breathe out

"Of what? Babe?"

"Yea" i pull away and sit on the couch

"Babe babe babe babe babe babe babe" he starts as he sits next to me and i get up, heading into the kitchen

He follows me, still saying Babe

"Okay now it's just annoying" i giggle as i turn around and cross my arms

"Awe i'm sorry"

"No you're not" i giggle

"I know" he chuckles and smashes our lips together

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