Good girl


16. 16

Jamie's pov

"Jamie, we shouldn't be doing this" Luke moans into my mouth and i smile

"I know, but we're young. Let's live a little" i giggle and we continue to make out in a random hallway at the party.

How did Luke and I end up here?

Well, we drank. A lot. And my jealousy took over my body, which explains the whole 'making out with my best friend' thing

I knew i really had feelings for Michael when i saw him kissing that brunette and it set me off.

I needed to have some kind of revenge on him.

Something that'll hopefully make him feel like i felt.

"Jamie?" I stop Luke's and I's heated make out session and turn around, only seeing Michael holding a beer and looking down


"Having fun?" He asks cutting me off

"Uh- yea"

"Cool. Well, i'll be with the boys" he slightly smiles at me before disappearing. I groan and place my forehead on Luke's chest

"Fuck" i mutter and i bang my head against him

"Calm down, Jay. He'll be fine" he reassures me as he strikes my hair with his large hands

"Thanks, Luke."

"Now go and get your man"

"How do you-?"

"Jamie, i'm your best friend. Now, go" i nod and smile at him before pecking his lips one last time

"Friends" i wink at him and he stucks his bottom lip out as i laugh and run away, searching for Michael

I spot him at the bar with the boys

"Michael!" I scream over the music and thankfully, he heard. He turns around and smiles at me

"Hey, what's up?"

"Can i talk to you in private, Mikey?" I ask confidently as i bite my lip, obviously the alcohol is giving me confidence

"Sure" he gets up from the stool and takes my hand as he leads us outside.

People are making out, screaming and drinking, partying really.

We sit down, our back to a wall.

"So what do you want to talk about?" He asks as he takes a sip of his beer


"What do you mean 'us'?" He turns to look at me but i look away, feeling slightly embarrassed.

"I-i mean-"

"Jamie i was joking" he laughs and i arch a brow


"You want us to be friends? Yea i get it" he looks down and i shake my head

"No no Michael that's not what i want" i nervously bite my lip as he looks up. God his eyes.

"Then what do you want?"

"I want an us"

"Then let's have and us" he smiles widely at me before he cups my face and smashes our lips together.

Fireworks erupt as we share a passionate kiss.

He places his hands on my waist before lifting me up and placing me on his lap, both of my legs on each side of him

He slightly tickles my side, making me gasp and he slides his tongue into my mouth

"Good one" i speak into his mouth and he chuckles

"Shut up and kiss me"

"But i am"

"Not when you're talking" i laugh and stop talking.

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