Good girl


15. 15

Jamie's pov

"He's coming! Hide!" Miranda whisper/yells and everyone hides.

The boys and i planned a surprise party for Michael and we invited the whole school. Except for the 7 and 8 grade, they're too young for this.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" i scream and hug Michael as he comes in his house with Luke.

"Oh my god Jamie" he whines as he hugs me back

"Sorry bud. Better enjoy it" i wink at him and let everyone say hi and all that other stuff

"Let's start partying!" A guy screams and we all cheer

Luke and i run to Michael's kitchen and take the liquor bottles that are set on the table

"Let's get this started" he whispers in my ear and i nod before we go to the living room, where music is pumping loudly already

Luke and i walk pass the huge crowd of dancing teenagers and finally reach the couch, where Calum, Ashton and Michael are sitting

I poor shots for the boys and give one to each of them

"Aren't you drinking?" Michael asks

"No. I'm a good girl" i wink and he laughs before they all gulp their drinks down


"This is amazing!" I yell out to Luke as we dance.

The music is pumping, lights are turning on and off really quikly so it's really cool and i had a little bit too much to drink

"I know! Parties are usually not this epic!" Luke yells

"I wouldn't know, it's my first!" Luke shrugs

"Jamie if Miranda asks where i am, tell her i went home" ashton says into my ear

"Hiding?" He nods and i laugh

"Fine. But you owe me one" he winks at me and walks away.

"I'm getting tired, let's go sit down" Luke screams over the music and i nod, also starting to feel tired

Luke and I walk back to the couch and i gasp as i see Michael with girls by each of his side. He's kissing some brunette one on his left

"Jamie you okay?" Luke asks and i nod, bringing the liquor bottle to my lips and gulping the rest of what's left of it down.

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