Good girl


14. 14

Jamie's pov

"So, Ashton. What do you think about Miranda?" I smirk at Ashton

"Uh... She's intense? I mean it's obvious she fancy's me because.... Well she's extremely clingy" he makes a sour face and i laugh

"Yea... She tends to do that a lot with boys." He nods and laugh before we both turn back to Luke and Miranda who were arguing

"They're not stoping" Michael mumbles in my ear and i nod

"I know. It's frequent." He nods and sits back up.

"While you two were arguing, i thought of something." Everyone stares at me and i laugh

"So, since Michael's birthday is soon, i want to celebrate it!"

Everyone cheers, except for Michael. Of course.

"No no please i don't want to make a big deal out of it" he whines

"Dude you're turning 17! Come on, you're always at parties. Why would it be different from other parties?" Calum asks and Mike shrugs

"Cause it's MY party. As in MY birthday and i really don't want to" he whines again as he pouts at me

"No Michael. We're celebrating your birthday, period." He groans and lightly nudges me in my stomach. I giggle and look over at Ashton, who's wiggling his eyebrows. I glare at him and get up

"Class is starting soon, i'll go get my books. Guys, come" the boys get up and i shake my head at Ashton

"Oh no. You're staying with Miranda" Calum, Luke and Michael giggle behind me as Ash mouths 'bitch' to me before sitting back down. Miranda giggles and slides next to him. I laugh silently and walk away, with the boys behind me as we laugh



I turn around in my seat and glare at Michael

"What?" I groan

"What the hell is she saying?!" I listen closely to what our teacher is saying...

"Donc, le projet sera à remettre dans deux semaines. Je m'attend à ce que la calligraphie soit impecte."

"She's saying that the project is due in two weeks and that our writting should be perfect." I whisper and he nods before looking back down at his sheet and freezing

"We're together for this one" he says sternly and i laugh

"What makes you think i want to be with you?"

"Cause you're my friend and you love me?" I shake my head "come on Jamieee i just want to have a good grade on this stupid project"

"Fine. But you ARE going to help me. Don't just stay there and watch me do it" i warn and he smiles

"Thanks" i nod and the bell rings. Michael and i get up and we head out. Of course, every girls glare at me cause i'm walking with him but it's whatever. I mean, hey can still bang him, he's not taken.

Although i'd very much like to be his



Why did i say that?

He's a bad boy

But he's goregous

He breaks hearts

But those eyes and piercing...

no no no. There's no way i'm letting myself fall for him.

I quikly look up from the ground and run to my locker, leaving Michael standing in the hallway, clueless. Luke is leaning against our locker and looking around. I run to him and wrap my arms around his waist

"What's wrong?" I look up at him and hug him tighter

"I'm doomed" he laughs and kisses my forehead

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