Good girl


13. 13

Jamie's pov

"Jamie, wake up" i shot up in my bed before glaring at Luke

"What?" I groan rubbing my temples

"You're late for school. I've got your outfit out." He says throwing me a Nirvana tank top and some black skinny jeans with my red vans.

"I could've done that perfectly well on my own, thank you" i say and he giggles

"Still." I get up and head to the bathroom before quickly putting my hair in a high ponytail and throwing on my clothes.

"You look presentable" Luke says as i get out of the bathroom

I roll my eyes and laugh

"I didn't put makeup on"

"You look beautiful like that Jay, let's go" luke says as he takes my hand in his and pulls me downstairs

"Hey Liz" i greet and she smiles

"Hello darling, late for school i see" liz and mum laugh as i playfully roll my eyes

"Because of this dork" Luke gasps and i laugh

"We have to go now, bye!" I wave and take my backpack and Luke's hand before heading out of the door

"What did i have to do with you being late?!" Luke shrieks and i laugh

"I don't know" I shrug and he playfully shoves me

"Why was your mother there anyways?" I ask as we walk hand in hand to school

"Probably planning our wedding" He shrugs. We both look at each other before pulling our hands apart

"Ew\Never" We both say before laughing

"But I still like to hold your hand"

"I agree" We reconnect our hands and walk the last minutes to school in silence.


"Michael likes you" Ashton whispered in my ear as I listened to our teacher

"I'm sorry, what?" I turned around and he leaned back into his chair.

"It's true" He shrugs

"Yea right" I roll my eyes and look back to the front.

Throughout the whole period, i couldn't stop thinking about what Ashton told me

I mean, how can Michael like me?

He was an ass to me and he still is.

He can't just like me

But do i like him?

No i don't

Then why am i so bothered about this?

Ugh this is so frustrating


"Huh?" I look up and see the whole class looking towards me

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, sir" m.Cole turns back to the board and the class continues


"She kept mumbling stuff, it was creepy. Kinda like a sort of spell" ashton laughs as he finishes telling my little daydreaming experience to Calum and Luke

"Where's Michael?" I ask as we sir down at our table

Calum nods to another table in the back of the canteen and Michael is there, sitting alone

"You guys stay here, i'll go talk to him" they nod and i get up with my food tray. I walk to Michael and sit across from him

"Jamie?" He questions

"Yea... So i was thinking. Maybe we could start over, for real. I know you did it while we were enemies and what not" he slightly chuckles and extends his hand

"Hi, i'm Michael. I'm 4 and a half" he smiles and i laugh before shaking his hand

"Wow uhm okay then. Hi i'm Jamie. I'm 4" we laugh and i glance at Luke, who's staring at us intensely

"Do you want to come back to our table?"

"No... I don't want to intrude" he shrugs and i shake my head

"Intrude? Michael you're always welcome to our table" i smile and he smiles back. We both get up and walk to Luke, Ash, Cal and Miranda. I guess she magically appeared while i was talking to Michael

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