Good girl


12. 12

Jamie's pov

"Okay, see you someday" i say to some people from my class before scurrying out of the classroom and walking Luke's and i's locker

"Hey Luke"

"Hey Jamie" he smiles and engulfes me in a hug

"So, what happened yesterday after i left?"

"Oh, mum apologized for jumping to conclusions and blah blah blah. I wasn't really listening, just mentally beating the crap out of Michael" i respond as i put my books into my locker

"Yea.. Let's not talk about that and go outside" Luke says and takes my hand in his, entwining our fingers before we start walking outside.

"Jamie!" I hear someone calling my name as we were about to step outside. I turn around and groan

"Not now Clifford" i scoff and Luke sighs, pulling me out faster

"Please! I need to talk to you" he pleads and i sigh before stopping in my tracks, making Luke stumble a bit

"What?" I ask harshly

"Can i talk to you in private?" He asks glancing at Luke

"Sure. Luke, i'll meet you later" he nods and kisses my cheek briefly before squeezing my hand and rushing to find Ashton and Calum

"Talk" i say crossing my arms and turning to Michael

Just as he is about to talk, Miranda appears from behind him and squeals as she sees me

"Jamie!" She exclaims running into my arms as i laugh

"Miranda i saw you yesterday"

"So? Oh and you met Ash yesterday didn't you?" She smirks

"Yes. He doesn't have that much of a baby face. Quite hot actually" i tease her and she glares at me

"But he's yours" i add "and not my type" she laughs and Michael clears his throat

"Can we talk?" He asks in annoyance and i turn to Miranda

"Go join Ash, Luke and Cal under our tree. I'll be there in a minute" i smiles at me before rolling her eyes at Michael and running to the tree

"I know what i did was wrong and i regret it. I'm really sorry and i know we're not on great terms but can we please be friends? Michael says once Miranda is out of sight

"Friends? Michael, you set me up for no valid reasons! You made me argue with my mum and she actually yelled at me for the first time! She'll maybe never trust me that much because she'll always going to think i spray painted a school or something. So no, Michael, we can't be friends" i scoff and turn away, joining my group of friends

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