Good girl


11. 11

Luke's pov

I clear my throat and nod to Michael before i exit Ashley's room.

I enter Jamie's room and start pacing back and forth, biting my nails

"Luke-"michael starts as he enters the room

"Don't. Just...stop" i sigh and run a hand through my hair

"I can't believe you could actually set her up like that" i groan in frustration and he looks down

"We weren't friends-"

"Who does that?!" I yell and he shrugs

"I'm really sorry Luke" he tries but i take a step back

"No, you set her up Michael! She's the kindest person i know and you- without any valid reason- decide to set her up! Right now she's downstairs, arguing with her mother because of you! How could you? I thought you were friends"

"But we weren't at that time! Why are you getting defencive all of a sudden?!" He yells back

"Because! She's been in my life for 15 years and she never lets me down! I know she didn't do anything to you! For god sakes it's Jamie we're talking about, she's innocent" i scream getting into his face

"I'm sorry"

"Sorry won't fix shit" i mumble before shoving him and walking out of the room

"Where are you going?!"

"Tell Jamie and Stephany what you did"

I run downstairs to see Jamie sat on the couch with her head in her hands while her mother lectures her


"Not now Luke" she sobs and Stephany looks at me

"Luke, please go"

"No!" I yell "Jamie didn't do this, Stephany. Michael did. He set her up when they weren't friends. Do you really think Jamie would've done that? I mean she's Jamie, the innocent girl. You said it yourself a couple of days ago. I know that her name is signed but Michael did it, m'am" i say and Stephany sighs

"That makes sense" she mutters and turns to Jamie "i'm sorry Jamie. And Luke, thank you" she smiles at me and i do the same

Jamie gets up and runs over to me, jumping on me. She wraps her legs around my waist as we hug

"Thank you thank you" she says as she pecks my cheek

"Welcome. Now get off" i chuckled and she pouted before jumping off

"Now, where is this Michael guy?" Stephany asks

"Right here" we turn around to be face with a guitly looking Michael. Calum and Ashton are beside him and Ashton is holding Ashley

"She woke up" ash says handing me Ashley

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