Good girl


10. 10

Jamie's pov

"Hey loser"

"Hey fuckboy" i say back to Michael as i slam my locker door shut

"I thought we stopped with that" he pouts and i laugh

"I lied, minor detail" i smirk and he gasps

"damn" he mutters as we walk towards the canteen

"Jamie!" Luke exclaims. He stands up from his spot and runs to me before engulfing me into a bear hug

"Hey Luke" i laugh

"I want you to meet someone" he says taking my hand. I laugh and run behind him as he drags me to the table, where Calum and another guy were sat

"Hey Calum"

"Hey jamie" he waves.

I look at the unknown boy, who's sitting quietly in front of Calum. He has brownish curly hair that are quite short. He has dimples, even though he's not smiling and cute reading glasses.

Quite handsome if you ask me

"Jamie, this is Ashton. Ashton, Jamie" Luke presents us and we both wave at each other

"Hello" i smile and he smiles back. He's the Ashton guy Miranda won't stop talking about. She showed me a picture but.. He's hotter in person

"So, do you want to hang out with us tonight at Jamie's?" Calum asks Ashton and he nods

"Sure, what time?"

"After school, we'll all walk to her place" Michael chimes in and i huff

"Who said it would be at my place? I have Ashley to look after, remember?"

"Please" Luke begs

"Fine" i huff

"Only cause Ashton's new in our gang and well... I want to make a nice first impression" i smile

"As if." Luke scoffs

"What does that mean, Hemmings?" I smirk, crossing my arms over my chest

"It means, i love you" he sang and i laugh

"Are you sure you want to be friends with them?" I ask Ashton, earning a glare from the boys as he laughs " i mean, us" i roll my eyes as i correct myself

"Good girl"

"I know i am, fuckboy" i wink

"Ugh Jamie" he whines, draggin the 'i' sound out

"Anyways, class is starting soon, Calum and Ash, we'll see you at the end of the day. Michael and Jamie, let's try and survive robotics" Luke groans and stands up. I laugh and wave at Cal and Ash before following him, Michael close behind


"I hate mrs. Perron" i roll my eyes as we all walk towards my house

"Tell me about it, she gave me detention for talking" Michael scoffs and we all laugh

"You always get detention" Ashton giggles and i nod, smiling at him

"You do"

"Oh shut up guys" Michael laughs

"Ashton i'm telling you, when you get to Jamie's house, don't ask if she's rich. I tried once, never done it again-" Luke starts

"And, she has a baby sister, don't think Luke and her are the parents, it's not what it looks like" Calum chimes in, making Luke and i laugh and Ashton looking confused

"She calls me mommy and Luke acts like her father, which i never knew why, Ashley has a very functioning father" i raise a brow at Luke and he shrugs

"But i love Ashley" he says and i nod

"How old is she?" Ashton asks

"Three" i reply and he hums in response.

"Well, we're here." I say and we walk up the few steps to my front porch.

"JAMIE SYLVESTER TRENT. YOU DID A GRAFFITI ON A SCHOOL'S WALL?!" My mum yells as the boys and i walk through the door.

"What are you talking about?" I ask and turn to Luke who shrugs and looks quite affraid.

"School's just called me Jamie! They said there was a graffiti saying 'fuck school' with your name under it! If it isn't you, i don't know who it is!" She screams and i flinch. Mum's never really yelled at me.

"Mumma? Jamie?" Ashley says as she comes downstairs, rubbing her tired eyes

"Go back to sleep baby, mum and Jay are just talking" i say softly and she shakes her head

"Luke" she whines as her small hands reach to Luke.

"Guys, go upstairs, i'll be there i a while. Luke, close the door and try to get Ashley to sleep" i say softly to the boys and they nod. Luke runs to Ashley and takes her in his arms

"Let's go to sleep. Want to do the airplane?" He asks and she giggle. With that, Luke is running upstairs with a giggling Ashley in his arms while the boys run behind him

I turn back to my mother, who's holding the phone tightly as her chest rises up and down fast.

Luke's pov

I lay the now sleeping todler in her small bed before turning to the boys

"Do you think she did it?" Ashton asks and i shake my head

"No way in hell Jamie touched a spray can." I respond and he sighs

"Maybe someone set her up?" Calum suggests

"Yea... But why? Jamie's like the kindest person i know. Nobody has a reason to do that to her" i sigh

"Michael what do you think?" I ask turning to Michael

He just shrugs

"What's wrong?" Calum asks

"I-uhm... There's something i need to tell you guys" he says looking down at his feet

"Is it important? Cause we're kind of trying to figure things out" i say gesturing to us.

"Yea it's kind of what i want to tell you" he says slowly

"Go on" i arch a brow

"Don't scream at me, first i don't like it and second we're in a sleeping baby's room" he says and i nod

"Uhm... I kind of did it?" He says and i freeze

Oh this mother-effer

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