Don't hurt me

I grabbed his arm before he could walk out the door.
"Harry, wait! Please don't leave me!"
"Samantha, what you did was unforgivable." I looked up at him with tears streaming down my face,"Harry, I'm sorry!"
He shrugged my off of his arm and said,"I'm sorry too,Sam...sorry I ever trusted you."
Samantha was one of the popular girls in school. She had,talent and a record of breaking hearts.
Harry Styles was the new kid and he was misunderstood, laughed at and bullied.
What happens when Harry makes the mistake of falling for Samantha? Find out in,"Don't hurt me."


2. Her

Harry's POV

We finally stopped when we reached a group of three boys, Niall let go of my arm and led me over to to them. The tall one with short brown hair and brown eyes looked up at Niall. "Hey Niall!," he said as he hugged Niall. "Hey Liam!," Niall said as Liam noticed me behind him.  "Niall, who's your friend?"  Niall looked back at me and smiled,"This is Harry, he's another one of Jack's victims."   The mysterious boy I know now as Liam approached me and stuck out his hand,"I'm Liam."  I shook his hand and stuttered,"I-I'm Harry." The other two boys walked over to us. One had black hair pulled up into a man bun and hazel eyes and the other was a short boy with shaggy brown hair and blue eyes.

The one with the shaggy hair embraced me in a hug and explained,"I'm Louis," He then pointed at the other one and said,"That's Zayn."  Zayn smiled and waved at me,"Hi.."  I shyly waved back and smiled. They all seemed very friendly like Niall. I looked behind Zayn and saw the most beautiful girl, she had blonde curly hair and big green eyes. I must have been in a trance, because Louis started to snap his fingers in my face, so I snapped out of it.

He looked at me with a look of concern,"Harry, are you okay?" I looked away from the girl and looked at the boys,"Y-yeah... I'm fine."    I looked back and the girl was gone. I frowned a little until I heard a sugary sweet voice behind me,"Hey boys!"  They all sighed and faked a smile. We all turned around and I saw the girl from before.  Niall spook up,"Hey Samantha." So her name is fits her.  She spotted me and walked up to me.   "How come I've never seen you before?"  I shrugged,"You should've seen me... I've been here for three months now." Her smile faded from her face,"O-oh yeah...I knew that."  "Of course you did," Niall mumbled under his breath.  She glared at him and then smiled at me,"What's your name newbie?"  "Harry..."   "Well maybe I'll see you around, Harry."  I put on a fake smile and said,"Yeah,totally..."  She smiled,"Okay! Great!" She glared at the boys before she turned and walked away.  As soon as she walked away, Liam started laughing. We all soon joined in and as we walked down the hallway, all I could think about was her.

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