Don't hurt me

I grabbed his arm before he could walk out the door.
"Harry, wait! Please don't leave me!"
"Samantha, what you did was unforgivable." I looked up at him with tears streaming down my face,"Harry, I'm sorry!"
He shrugged my off of his arm and said,"I'm sorry too,Sam...sorry I ever trusted you."
Samantha was one of the popular girls in school. She had,talent and a record of breaking hearts.
Harry Styles was the new kid and he was misunderstood, laughed at and bullied.
What happens when Harry makes the mistake of falling for Samantha? Find out in,"Don't hurt me."


1. Friend

Harry's POV

I ran into the bathroom to hide from Jack. Jack has been bullying me since the first day of school, that was two months ago. I crouched down in a stall as I heard footsteps walk into the bathroom. 

"Styles...come out, come out wherever you are."  I tried to keep the sobs from coming out of my mouth. It was nearly impossible as his footsteps leered closer and closer to my stall door. I saw the lock begin to jiggle and I couldn't help but let a little whimper escape from my mouth.   I saw the lock stop moving and then a huge noise echoed through the bathroom as he ran into the door in attempt to knock it down. He did it a second time and successfully knocked the door off of it's hinges and it fell to the ground. 

The tears began streaming down my face as I saw his figure standing in the doorway.  He let out a deep laugh as he approached me.  "Styles,you really think you could hide from me?"   I shuddered and shied away into the corner,"Jack, just leave me alone..please!"    He grabbed my jaw with so much force, I was sure it would shatter, "Now, what's the fun in that?"   I was relieved when his hand left my jaw but soon was hit with a wave of pain as his fist collided with my face.  I heard a small crack and saw a look of satisfaction appear on his face.  He raised his fist up, yet again and this time nailed my three times in my stomach. . I groaned in pain as the torture continued with punches,kicks and slaps.

Ten minutes later, it all ended and he got up to look at his finished look. He left me to fend for myself as the bell rang signaling the beginning of first period.     I tried to get up but failed as there was a huge pain shooting through my left leg. I crawled my way out of the stall and pulled myself up so I could look into the mirror and I was horrified at what I saw. I had a bloody nose, two broken fingers, a black eye, and many cuts and bruises.   Tears fell down my face as I stared at my reflection. I washed the blood off from under my nose and attempted to walk out of the bathroom, but I bumped into someone.     "I'm so sorry!" I looked up to see a boy in my grade,I'd seen him before. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up," I'm so sorry bro."   I half-smiled and said," It's fine." He got a glance at my appearance and gasped," What happened to you? A-are you okay?"   

The waterworks started up again and he wrapped an arm around me.  I told him the whole story about Jack and by the end, he also had tears running down his face.      "I'm so sorry dude. My name is Niall."    "M-my name is Harry," I stuttered.  He smiled," Well Harry, looks like you just gained a friend."   I smiled as he said the word "friend."   "Thanks Niall."  He grinned and patted me on the back," No problem Harry. I have a few more people I want you to meet as well."   

With that, he grabbed my arm and we took off down the hallway.


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