Halloween 2015

A poem about a witch and a frog.


1. Halloween 2015




I walked along a lonely path,

Through graves and crows and grassy noles,

The dark sky red as red can be,

The spirits I could surly see.


For no fault of my own, I stumbled on,

A witches broom of ancient wood,

It talked to me as if it could,

'Get off me, see I am but small.'

'You do not seem to see me at all.'


For as I spied a spider small,

I stepped and pushed and crushed it all,

It screamed and seemed to grow so tall,

black as black as black I recall.


It stood before me withered and gnarled,

Its face bright green, its eyes yellow shards,

A witch I shouted clear as day,

After that I could not think what to say.


My broomstick she screamed in dismay,

A frog, a frog you will be, you see you'll pay,

A flash of lightning and a white array,

Then I see immortal I stay,

I croak and croak and still I stay,

hopping for dear life this day.


She scooped me up and on we rode,

The broomstick high above with a heavy load,

A croak, a black cat and a witch alight,

We ended up in a dark forest at night,

A door she opened and closed again,

A cauldron bubbling was the game.


She plopped me down,

Oww what a shame,

I only had myself to blame,

'Next time.' I said with a croaky voice,

'I will not squash you that's my choice',

the witch she laughed and cackled before me,

'Its Halloween, do not bore me.'


The cauldron she stirred till it turned black, green and red,

The smell was fowl to smell if only I had a head,

I jumped right in and that's no lie,

And swirled and whirled around afraid I would die,

At last out I popped all brand new,

A princess of course with a glass shoe.








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