Lynn is a girl who's lucky enough to be best friends with the four boys, Michael, Ashton, Luke, and Calum. She's very special to each of them and they all love her deeply. Some more than others. Why don't you check it out? :)


2. 2


Here we are. Back to the party. I was getting my books from my locker after school when Ash walked up to me. "Hey, Lynn," he said with a little smirk. I loved his cute dimples that made him look so innocent. "Hey," I said, smiling back at him. "You're not really bringing all those books to Calum's house, are you?" Cal was my neighbour. We used to go to each other's houses all the time and hang out. 

"No, because I'm going home today. I have to study, Ash." 

"Well then we can just stay upstairs together. The five of us were supposed to go out before the party anyway. Why cancel that?" he said, looking pretty disappointed. But he had a point.

"Fine. Where's Cal?" Ashton pointed to the gym, and I went in. I told Calum I couldn't stay for the party due to my chemistry test the week after, and he was cool with it. When we came out of the gym, we looked for the rest of the guys. Once we were all together, we got in the car and drove to Calum's.

The ride home was pretty fun. The boys are in a band together, and I go to every single practice. They're amazing. I was trying to help them come up with a name for it, since they're all unoriginal fucks. The five of us always spent time out together. The five of us together felt like my home. We've all known each other since the 1st grade, so we were unbreakable. I for one, had been in love with Mikey my whole life. I loved everything about him. I loved his smile, his laugh, and his confidence. He made my heart melt every time he looked at me.

When we finally arrived at Cal's, we all ordered some pizza and started watching some random sitcom on TV. I went upstairs to change into black skinny ripped jeans and Green Day t-shirt that I had left there a few days earlier. As I was taking my top off, Calum walked in.

"I like that bra on you. Your black one is in my drawer. I like this one more though," he said.

For the two of us, this was completely normal. He always got naked in front of me, and I was comfortable changing in front of him. "Thanks," I replied.

"Hey, are you sure you can't stay for the party tonight?" 

"Yes, I'm sure," I said to him.

"But you have a whole week to study, Lynn," he complained.

"Does it really mean that much to you?" I said, playfully rolling my eyes.

"Shut the fuck up. Just stay okay?" He laughed.

"Fine, only because you can't go a second without me," I teased. 

He laughed and we walked back downstairs. After hours of pointless laughter and stupid jokes, it was finally time for the party. Soon enough, the house was flooded with people. People were dancing everywhere and half of the girls were all over Cal and Luke. I love when Luke tries flirting with girls. He doesn't even need to talk. He just bites his lip and gets all the satisfaction needed. Ashton was talking to a girl on the stairs like the cutie he is and Michael was talking to one of the really pretty girls while his back was to the corner of the room. It seemed like things were about to get pretty heated between them.

I smiled and gave him a thumbs up, even though my heart sank. He smiled back and returned his gaze to the pretty blonde. I watched him lean in and kiss her. He placed his hands on her bum and she pulled him closer using her right hand. He looked so happy. I was dying inside. I suddenly found it hard to breathe and I went into the kitchen to grab a drink. One shot. Two shots. Three shots. Four shots. Before I knew it, I was a drunk mess, and so was everyone else. 

                                    *     *     *     *     *     *     

*A/N* Hey guys, I just wanted to say that there's a sexual scene coming up, so brace yourself. Ok keep reading :)

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