My lovestory ♥

This is the story of how i met my wonderful, cute, handsome and loving boyfriend♥ Luca, i love you so much bebii♥


2. ♥

I asked for your kik, and you sendt me it. We started talking, and i got to know you more. You are 14, but your taller than me, and i'm 16. So i have to say we are goals ♥ 



I added you to a group chat with me and some other friends, and they seemed to like you very much. Who wouldn't like an angel like you? And sometimes they got free gay porn when we talked dirty to eachother, not even knowing that we were in the group chat. 

And heres our little cute chat from a few days ago :3

" Lukiii? "

" Yess? ♥ "

" I love youuu "

" Aww bebi i love you too♥ "

" You honestly mean the world to me, i'm happy i found you "

" Keeeeeem stop being so cutee " 

" I stop being cute? It's you thats being the cute one here. I swear to god, if you send me a selfie or anything with you in the picture, i will seriously be sprawled out on my floor crying because of your cuteness " 

" You make me blush so much god ♥ "

" Good, i love you alot bebiii " 

" I love you to bebiii "





Im happy people actually reads this.. 

- Kem

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