My lovestory ♥

This is the story of how i met my wonderful, cute, handsome and loving boyfriend♥ Luca, i love you so much bebii♥


1. ♥


Okay, our lovestory is kinda weird, since we met over moviestarplanet xD But i don't regret playing it. At all actually. I met you, and i love you alot. We haven't met yet, but still, i love you



It all started 3. October 2015.( if you say we moved to fast than i'll put a stick up your anus -.- ) I commented your picture " Ciewt .-. "

I hated that i was gay at that time. I sendt you a friend request, and you actually accepted it. Your status was " Boy i got you on my mind ". I got a little sad, i thought you had another boy. I checked your artbooks and you we're gay, so i thought maybe i had a chance?



You always changed your status to " I hate being so shy " " Why can't you be mine? " " You're hot, you know who you are ".

I always got a little jealous, since i always thought you meant another boy.



3. October 2015, 15:43 ( Uh im not obsessed over him at all, duh, what makes you think that? )


Okayyy so this is our chat, since you first said hello to me at that time cx

" Hey cx "

Haii c: " ( Italics are me )

Whats up? ^ " 

Nothing much, just listening to music, wbu? "

" Nothing c: "


You went silent for a minute, but then you sendt me a message, i got so damn happy.

" I like you. If you didn't know. ahah just had to say it :p "

Would it be weird if i liked you back? "

" Noiiii "

He then changed his status to " Be mine? "

I responded with a " Sure " And i couldn't be happier.

That was part one cx Next part will be out soon :o 

- Kem♥

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