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Adeline is just a normal 18 year old girl until she decides to sneak into a celebritys carnival with her best friend catherine. Her whole life changes, she finds the the man who she thought she would never see again in her life. What happens when she finds out her bestfriend has betrayed her? What will she do when she has to choose? Will she fall for the right guy or let her fate decide. Find out in fate...

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11. chapter 9

Chapter 9

After we got out the Ferris wheel people cheered and clapped. I was so happy. To my surprise no one had noticed the guys nor where taking videos or pictures. Thank god. When we got to the guys i smiled at all of them and they all hugged me. I apologized to being so rude to liam earlier and he said it was fine. Zayn kept on acting weird and liam did as well. We played a couple of games and rode more rides as i took a chance to ride games with all the guys. When i got the chance to ride with Zayn he confessed he liked me but i told him we could only be friends since i was already dating Niall. He said it was fine but he isn't fooling anyone. Also Zayn apparently is scared of heights but doesn't want to admit it. They also have never gone to a fair... Weird. After the fair we went back to their house and i decided to sleep with niall. Yes on the same bed but of course we were not going to do anything nasty. Im not like that. I took a shower after he did and changed into my "i love animals" pjs and hopped in bed. I smiled at niall and he giggled.

"What is it?" I curiously asked.

"Why do you wear make up?" He smiled.

"Well, i like the way i look in it. I feel confident and like my imperfections are gone" i smiled and laid on my back. I faced the ceiling i could see little glow in the dark stars.

"Well im glad you do it for you and not for anyone else, but what imperfections?" He asked.

"Really niall?" I paused and he nodded. "Well, i have black heads, my fave is too weird looking and well i get pimple-" i didn't finish.

"Well all that makes you perfect and well you seem perfect to me. None of that matters you know." He smiled

"Well thats what you say, didn't you hear what the girls said about me at the mall?" He smiled.

"Ad, their opinions don't matter, you are freaking amazing"

"Well easy for you to say. You are niall and you don't have imperfections and well I'm adeline, the girl with the messed up everything."

"Oh so your boyfriends messed up huh" he smirked.

"Hah of course not, you are great. I really appreciate you, you are the best guy i've met, just like no other" I smiled.

"Im glad you say that, not many people say that to me" he smiled and intertwined our hands.

"Well i mean it ni" i smiled and faced him.

"Thanks princess" he smiled. Dang that smile could make my heart race 1000 miles a second if in any way it was possible.

"No problem potato" i giggled.

"Now good night, im really tired" i smiled as i looked at the clock 1:00 am. I reached nialls face and planted a soft and gentle kiss on nialls lips. He smiled in between. I put my arm around his waist and cuddled with him. I felt happy. The butterflies couldn't hold it and exploded. It was just such an inexplainable feeling. I closed my eyes and started to fade away. All i could hear niall whisper was 'i love you' i smiled and then fell into a deep sleep.


I woke up at 7:00 and looked to my right side to see if I was just dreaming what happened yesterday. Niall was there. This was real, I still couldn't believe it. I sat up and changed into one of Niall's shirts. It was a white polo and I went to my bag. I got my blue shorts and put them on. If you saw me you would think I wasn't wearing anything underneath because the shirt was really long on me, but I actually was. I looked at my self in Niall's long mirror, I felt cute for some reason. I brushed my hair and put it in a messy bun. I smiled at my self and headed down stairs. I wanted to do something special to the guys since they were so nice to me lately so I went to the kitchen. I looked in the fridge and saw milk, eggs, and butter. I checked in the cabinet and they had pancake mix. I took everything out and mixed the ingredients together for making pancakes. There was also bacon and sausages. I took them out and cooked them. There was no orange juice or any kind of juice. I looked at the fruits they had and there were oranges. I got a couple and cut them. I took the inside of the orange and took out the seeds. I placed them in the juice maker thingy they had and pressed the button. It instantly made the juice. Perfect. I placed about 42 pancakes on a plate and sat them in the middle of the table. I took the bacon and sausages and placed them on another plate with a napkin underneath so it would absorb all the grease. I sat 6 plates in the table and got 6 glass cups. I served juice in the cups one by one and sat them on the table. I then felt like something was left to put. I took 8 eggs out of the fridge and cooked them. I put them in a big plate and placed them on the table. I looked at the table and felt accomplished. I walked to the cabinet and took out the syrup and the strawberry jelly. I placed both on the table and turned to the stair case to wake up the boys. But before I did. Five sleepy boys jumped out and scared me to death. They started to laugh and so did I.

"Guys I'm going to scare y'all back someday." I said in between laughters. I smiled at them as they walked in the kitchen.

"It smells soo good," Harry paused "oh my gosh did you do all this?" He Asked in Shock.

"Yeah, for y'all" I smiled at all of them as they sat down in different spots.

"Niall, you have to marry this girl!" Louis excitedly hugged him. I giggled and laughed at Niall's face as he blushed a deep red.

"Yeah, I do" he simply said. I took a seat besides Niall's right. Zayn sat to my left, then Louis then Liam and then Harry. (It was a circle table)

"How many pancakes can we get?" Harry asked.

"We'll I made seven for each one of y'all but I guess whatever makes you full" I said and giggled as Niall got a huge stack of pancakes. All the boys dug in and me as we'll. when we were done they finished everything including the eggs, bacon and sausages.

"Wait, I don't have orange juice" Harry paused "where did you get it from?" He asked.

"Oh haha I made it, since you had oranges." I said and he looked at his fruit basket.

"Oh I see, smart girl" I laughed .

"Haha ok now your just copying what paul said the day I met y'all"

"Best day of my life!" Niall shouted for us all to be able to hear.

"Mine to!" I shouted back.

"Mine three!" All the other boys shouted in unison. I laughed at all of them and started to pick up the plates on the table. I put them in the sink and started to scrub.

"Do you want help washing the dishes?" Liam asked.

"Uh yeah sure, I'd love the help" I smiled. Liam stood up and helped me scrub on the other side of the dish washer. The boys got up and left to watch some tv.

"You sure you don't want any more help?" Niall asked hugging me from behind.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Go watch tv ni" I giggled.

"Alright, love you princes" he kissed my cheek and walked to the living room. I felt a weird tension coming from liam. I kept scrubbing and saw sadness in Liam yet again. The same exact look like yesterday. I decided to break the silence.

"Liam?" I questioned.

"Yeah?" He turned to face me.

"Are you alright?" I half smiled.

"Uh uh yeah hah, u okay?" He shyly said.

"Liam, I know your not okay. What's wrong? Is it about the girl you like?" I asked.

"Yeah, I don't think she likes me back" he turned and kept scrubbing.

"why do you say that?" I questioned.

"Because she doesn't pay attention to me, it's like I don't exist for her or something" I wonder who she is?

"We'll maybe if you talk to her more she won't ignore you" I smiled.

"You think so?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Plus your a great guy" I smiled as he turned to face me.

"Thanks ad, you really know how to listen." He giggled. Awh he was cute when he giggled.

"Liam?" I kept scrubbing.

"Did you really like Catherine?" I asked.

"Yeah...why?" He asked. Something about his sentence made me not believe him but i ignored it.

"Then why don't you go back out with her?"

"Because she broke up with me" he said.

"So? If you really like her then go after her" I smiled.

"Your right" he said and stopped scrubbing. He went to the table and picked up his phone. He scrolled and scrolled and found cats number. When he found it he dialed it and she picked up. She was on speaker.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to go out today?" He shyly asked.

"Yeah sure, what time?"

"We'll any time, maybe 5pm to watch a movie?" He asked.

"Sounds great, we need to talk" she said and he got super nervous.

"Really hah about what?" He asked.

"Us, and something else, I'll tell you later" she said.

"Alright then I'll pick you up at five"

"Okay, bye Liam" she said, she didn't sound mean at all. I wondered what she had to tell him.

"Bye cat" he answered. He hanged up and set the phone back on the table and came back to the dishes.

"I hope she doesn't tell me she doesn't like me anymore" he looked worried but not too worried.

"I don't think she will, like I said Liam. You are a great guy" he smiled at me and looked at my eyes.

"Are you sure?" He asked. Are you sure? Nope but I had to Make him feel better.

"So far yes, but I need to get to know you better. We'll all the guys to." I smiled.

"I'm glad you are like you. Ad, your different" he smiled.

"Haha different? Like how?" I asked.

"I don't know, your not like other girls." He said and kept scrubbing while rinsing all the dishes I had already scrubbed.

"We'll I'll take that as a compliment and not something bad" I laughed.

"We'll yeah, it a compliment. Like you are unique" He said.

"Thanks Liam, I appreciate it." I said as he smiled and we both kept rinsing the dishes. When we were done he put them to dry and left to watch some tv with the boys. When we went to the living room, harry was to Niall left and Louis was to his right so I couldn't sit with him. Me and Liam sat on the other couch and meanwhile the others kept watching tv me and Liam talked about ourselves. I gotta say that I am glad. Liam was not who I met that one other day. He was a completely different guy. He was shy, adventurous, sweet and kind to others. We'll according to what he told me about him. I couldn't stop smiling at him, he was just so cute. I then realized I was thinking about Liam and not about Niall. I turned to see Niall having fun watching tv. He glanced over at me and giggled. I then realized I was having too many mixed feelings, I don't even know who I like anymore.

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