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Adeline is just a normal 18 year old girl until she decides to sneak into a celebritys carnival with her best friend catherine. Her whole life changes, she finds the the man who she thought she would never see again in her life. What happens when she finds out her bestfriend has betrayed her? What will she do when she has to choose? Will she fall for the right guy or let her fate decide. Find out in fate...

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10. chapter 8

Chapter 8

As we drove of I looked towards the window. It was getting dark.

"So, were are we going?" I turned to Niall as he looked at me then at the road again.

"I don't know, we'll actually there is a fair just 10 minutes away. Want to go?" He asked and smiled.

"Yeah, I would love to!" I excitedly giggled.

"Okay, then here we go" he said and drove to the fair. When we got there I was opening the door when I saw him run to my door and help me out.

"My lady?" He laughed and held his hand out for me.

"Thanks my mighty prince" I giggled as I came out and held his hand.

"So where to first princes?" He asked and I smiled. I was getting butterflies like crazy every time he spoke.

"I don't know, let's go and see what we find" I said and held his hand and started walking.

"Look this one looks great, what do you think?" He asked as he pointed to the 'love bug'

"Great come on" he said and we both ran to buy tickets. Niall bought them and didn't let me see how many he bought.

"Let's go then" he said and we both ran back to the ride. The people before us were getting down. I wondered if anyone would notice Niall? Everyone was out and we stood in line.

"8 tickets please" the girl in the machine thing said. She giggled and started to wink at Niall. It made me super jealous.

"Common lets go babe" Niall said. Babe? What? The girl looked super mad as I followed Niall to our seat. I didn't say anything.

"You go first and then him since he's bigger" the guy helping us in said. Haha Niall wasn't big but he was right that when it would spin he would squish me if I sat on the other side. I nodded and sat in first. Niall followed and the guy secured our seat. He walked off and helped more people in. A couple of minutes later two girls walked by us.

"Hey, could we sit In front of y'all?" The brunet asked. Niall was going to answer but I answered first.

"Sure, go ahead" I smiled and they smiled back.

"Thanks" the other girl with black hair one said.

"No problem" I smiled and they went to sit in the little car in front of us. The guy who helped us in helped them in and the one with black hair went in first, she was thinner than the other. (Not meaning in a rude way though) the guy said 'enjoy' and walked in the little Dj house right besides the ride and the ride started to twirl. I smiled at Niall and held his hand. The ride spinned faster and faster. Niall was squishing my hand harder and harder by the minute but I didn't mind, I loved the feeling of his hand on mine. The Dj guy was playing midnight memories in a mix version. Niall started giggling and I laughed. He was so freaking cute! The song came to an end and the ride did as we'll. when it stopped I couldn't stop laughing at how red Niall's face looked. It looked like he was going to puke. I laughed and helped him out.

"You ok ni?" I asked and stopped laughing.

"Yeah, just got a little dizzy haha u ok?" He giggled.

"Yeah I'm great!" I excitedly hugged him.

"I mean I'm good hah I'm good" I shyly backed from the hug and smiled.

"Haha common lets go to another one" he said. After ridding like 20 rides more than once each I looked at the time 10 P.M. Woah time goes fast. There's still two more hours until they close. I looked at Niall and giggled as I heard his stomach growl.

"Wanna grab a bite?" I asked.

"Sure but I'll pay" he said.

"Niall you bought the tickets, I pay the food alright" I pocked his cheek.

"Alright princes" he said as we held hands and walked to the little stand thingy.

"so what would you like?" I asked Niall.

"Actually I want to share a funnel cake with you" he said.

"Haha really? I love funnel cakes!" I happily shouted.

"One funnel cake please" I told the lady "wait actually give me 2" I added. The lady looked at me weird and took my order and went to make it.

"Why did you ask for two, I thought we were going to share ad?" He looked hurt.

"Yeah Niall, we are going to share but both of them, I actually eat a lot, sorry" I looked down regretting asking for two.

"You eat a lot?" He looked surprised.

"Hah yeah, I hope you don't think that's bad but that's how I am." I said he just smiled.

"No of course that's not bad! I love people like you!" He shouted.

"I'm glad you think so Niall" I looked up and smiled at him. I could see sparkle in his eyes as they twinkled under the bright moonlight.

"2 funnel cakes!" I heard someone shout. The lady was shouting with our order.

"Be right back" I told Niall and walked to the lady.

"It'll be $20" the lady smiled and handed me a piece of paper. I looked at her weirdly.

"Um I know it's weird but my daughter loves one direction and it's going to be her birthday and I would love for that to be a surprise for her, would you please ask the nice boy Niall which I'm guessing is your boyfriend to follow her on her social media, I wrote it down" she smiled at me.

"No, it's not weird at all and sure. I'll ask all the boys to follow her. Oh and he's not my boyfriend, but I wish he was , anyways When's her birthday?" I said and at the second that I said 'but I wish he was' a shooting star passed by and I crossed my fingers. It was silly how I believed in that but I did it anyways. I looked at her as I waited for a response.

"It's in one day" she smiled.

"Alright, you know what I have a better idea" I paused to think "wait, are you throwing her a party?" I asked.


"Whats the address?" I asked. She then gave me the address and I had the perfect preset for her.

"So how old is she turning?" I asked.

"15" she answered.

"Alright this is the plan..." I told her then plan and she thanked me. She wanted to give me funnel cakes as a payment but I told her it was free of cost. I wanted someone to have the opportunity I never got, plus I love to see people happy. I waved goodbye to her and also got her number. I got to the table and Niall looked weirded out.

"So what was that for" he asked and pointed to the lady.

"I'll tell you tomorrow, let's just enjoy the funnel cakes." I giggled and got the forks. I handed one to Niall and we dug in. When we were done I smiled and had a happy stomach.

"That was delicious" Niall said as he stretched.

"Right! haha" I giggled.

"So where to now?" I asked. I turned to Niall and he pointed at the Ferris wheel.

"Alright let's go!" I shouted as I ran with his hand on mine. He followed behind me and laughed.

"Wait do we still even have tickets Niall?" He giggled

"Yeah, like 250 more" oh geez that's a lot

"How many did you even buy Niall?" He giggled again

"Uhh hehe I bought like uh, like 400 tickets" he laughed

"Niall that's a bunch! Are we going to finish them all?" I was shocked he spent 200 dollars! He's crazy!

"We'll if we don't finish them in rides we"ll play the games" we'll he's right. That's still a bunch!

"Alright, we'll lets go." I said.

"Wait no, go stand in line and I'll be right back" he said and ran off. I walked to the long line and waited and waited. Niall finally came back and smiled.

"20 tickets" the guy said and got our tickets. He let us in and locked the little gate. I smile at Niall as he sat in the seat in front of me.

"Here we go" Niall said as the guy let the last people in and the ride started. The wheel was turning and turning, it lighted up in many different colors the marine blue was my favorite. As I looked at the bright colors I got interrupted.

"Hey ad?" Niall asked.

"Yeah Niall?" I smiled.

"Uh I was wondering I ..you ..uh we'll if you uhhhh.." He didn't say anything but uh you uh. I was getting a bit nervous. When we were midway about to go up i heard a familiar song play. It was 'gotta be you' by one direction. I looked down and Zayn and Louis were holding a stereo which played the beautiful song. Liam and Harry stood behind them smiling. Uh Liam, not again. I listened to the song and looked at Niall, he was on his knees. Whaaaa?

"Ad will you be my girlfriend?" Niall asked as we got to the top I heard a boom. I turned to the right and fireworks were shooting at the sky. It looked beautiful. I looked back at Niall and kissed him. He kissed back and everyone clapped. It was perfect. He pulled from the kiss and got a rose an a little box from the spot he was sitting in. He gave me the rose. I took it and smiled. He opened the box and inside was a cute ring with an emerald on it.

"This ring is for you, it's a promise ring with your birth stone so it gives you luck, I promise to be there for you forever and always" he said and put the ring on my finger. I smiled as tears came down. I looked in his eyes and kissed him one more time. It was like the feeling of a lighting shock once more. I was happy and I smiled in the kiss. It was like my stomach was exploding with butterflies, Fireworks, and just everything beautiful that could make you smile. I pulled away to breath and smiled at Niall.

"I like you ad, alot" he said. No one has ever said that to me. "And I mean it" he added.

"I like you to Niall" I said and kissed him once more.

"One more thing," he paused "the Liam thing wasn't real, he's not a man whore but I needed an idea on how to get you out of the house to bring you here" he said.

"Really?" I paused and he smiled "we'll I'm glad Liam's not a man whore. I'm glad you told me the truth Niall. I don't want lies in our relationship, first because i hate liars and second because your my first boy friend." I smiled and he kissed me yet again. Every time he did the feelings came back I feel loved and protected for the first time. This was the most craziest thing i've done. We literally just met! But i don't care, i really like Niall.

"Hey beautiful. Don't worry, I even asked simon for his permission and he agreed on me dating you" he added. I just giggled and kissed him.

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