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Adeline is just a normal 18 year old girl until she decides to sneak into a celebritys carnival with her best friend catherine. Her whole life changes, she finds the the man who she thought she would never see again in her life. What happens when she finds out her bestfriend has betrayed her? What will she do when she has to choose? Will she fall for the right guy or let her fate decide. Find out in fate...

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8. chapter 6

Chapter 6

Simon cowell! I couldn't believe it! He was in front of me. All of the sudden I remembered when I auditioned for the x-factor two years ago, I wondered if he remembered me. Simon looked at me and I could see a tear in his eyes start to shine as if he was about to cry.

"Adeline? Is that you?" He asked, he remembered me! I couldn't believe it.

"Yeah, it's me. How have you been uncle si?" He smiled and a tear fell from his cheek. My eyes started to water a bit.

"Great but nothing about me please dear, how have you been? How's life?" I smiled and couldn't help it, tears started to stream down my face. My dream of being a singer and partly be represented by simon cowell and sony in the industry was terribly torn apart by my mom. I smiled at him and walked over to him and hugged him. He was like a dad to me. I knew him since I was a kid. He was best friends with my mom but when I told her I wanted to be a singer she let me audition and I actually did make it to the finals. Simon told me that he could help me and get me a record deal with sony because I was a great singer. But my mom said no. And he begged her but she made us move so I would never see him ever again in my life until now. I see in his eyes hurt. He was in love with my mom but she never accepted him, she said he was too good for her. I on the other hand loved him to death. I smiled at him and got out of the hug

"I've been good actually, I changed Carrers and am in college to be a photographer...like my mother" as soon as I said the words Mother his tears fell. I whipped them off and smile at him.

"Don't cry dad, I love you and my mom really doesn't deserve you" I said to him. I smiled at Niall who was super confused and looked at us in shock.

"Thanks darling" he said and laughed while clearing his tears.

"So I called you on business actually" he said and started to look professional again. I giggled a bit.

"What's so funny huh?" He asked

"Nothing dad it's just that one second your you and the other your the 'simon cowell'." I said and giggled again.

"Haha I know, but that's what business is about" he laughed.

"Okay then mr. Simon what business did you call me for?" I asked and looked at Niall who was still curious of what was happening.

"It's alright, I'll explain later" he looked at me nodded and smiled.

"I want you to go on tour with the boys" those words made me get happier than ever, I always dreamed of going on tour. Not as a photographer but as the singer and the main person you know. It was a dream of mine.

"On tour?" I asked.

"Yeah, like take pictures of the boys in an everyday basis and record parts of their day and send it to awesomeness tv on their e-mail every single day. It has to be from 10 to 15 minutes long for the fans. Apparently they would love to see the boys more often. Are you up to it?" He asked. I smiled and couldn't be happier at the moment.

"Sure of course anything for them, and yeah. The fans would love to see them more than just concert and interviews" I smiled.

"Are you a fan?" Niall asked.

"Yeah haha a dedicated one. Although I really never got the chance to go to one of your concerts" I smiled.

"Okay on the videos there can be no bad language, no bad reputation to the guys, no Naked Harry's, nothing that puts their careers in risk got it?" I laughed.

"Yeah, there will be no naked Harry's. I'll send the videos to you before sending them to awesomeness Tv for your approval if you'd like" I said and he nodded.

"Alright, now you'll have to sign this" he said and handed me a contract.

"I basically just told you everything shortened thats in here" he smiled and gave me a fancy black pen.

"Okay" I giggled and proudly signed the stack of papers. When I was done I looked at Simon.

"I'm glad your going to be back in my life Adeline, I missed happiness in this house running around like a weirdo" I laughed as I remembered me running here as a kid, I guess that's why it looked so familiar to me.

"haha yeah, and I won't leave I promise" I reassured him.

"Alright, I'm really glad" he hugged me.

"Wait, one last question" I paused and he nodded as in saying yes. "When will the tour start?"

"In two weeks" he said. Wait that's when we have the graduation.

"Oh okay" I smiled

"Oh one last question for you to" he paused "will you like to bring anything or anyone on tour with you?" As soon as he asked that I thought about Catherine, but I am super mad at her for having it with Liam :/

"Actually yeah" I smiled evilly and he laughed.

"Who?" He asked, I hope he doesn't get mad.

"My baby, star" I laughed.

"A-a baby?" Simon looked confused.

"Wait you had a baby?!?" Niall shouted.

"Haha no of course not, I was talking about my chihuahua" I smiled.

"Oh, actually," he paused "does she have all her vaccines and is well behaved?" He questioned and I just laughed because I literally treat her like an actual princes (like the people treat their dogs in Beverly Hills chihuahuas)

"Yeah, she's the best dog in the world" I proudly smiled.

"We'll then yes, you can bring her and I can't wait To meet her." He laughed.

"Your going to love her uncle" I laughed and Niall looked so confused.

"So is he your uncle, dad, friend or what?" He questioned.

"I'll explain later alright potato?" He smiled and nodded.

"Alright I'll see you in 2 weeks Adeline" he smiled got up and hugged me.

"Haha There's the old simon I know" I laughed as he giggled.

"You know it" he laughed and we stood up. We walked out of the house and waved at Simon. I was so glad to see him. We got in the car and Niall started to drive. On the way to an unknown place I had no idea what it was, I told Niall about me, simon and my mom. He was a great listener and didn't interrupt unless he had a question. I smiled at Niall and got tingles in my belly. Whatever this flipping feeling is it feels weird yet again right.

"So where are we going now?" I looked at Niall.

"To Harry's flat, the lads are all hanging out their waiting for us"

"Since when have they been waiting for us?" I asked

"Since an hour ago" awh they are so patient.

"Is anyone else there?" I curiously asked.

"Yeah Liam's girl" Liam has a girl? Since when? Does the fandom even know? Oh dang did he cheat on her with Catherine? What the heck?

"Oh" was all I said. Seconds later after the awkward silence Niall parked at a decent flat, there was a cute garden outside and it looked beautiful.

"Common lets go" Niall said and helped me out of the car.

"Thanks" I smiled and headed to the door.

"Niall, I'm scared" I said and faced him then looked down.

"Scared? Of what?" He asked and lifted my chin up

"The boys, what happened yesterday was terrible and embarrassing, I can't face them, they'll laugh" a tear slipped out my eye. Niall looked in my eyes and whipped the tear away.

"Don't be scared, I'm here for you and if they laugh I'll punch them all in the face," he paused and i looked up at him "I promise" he said and I giggled.

"Thanks Niall" I smiled and hugged him tightly. The small and short second I hugged him I felt safe in his arms like nothing could hurt me. I felt protected and loved like I've never felt. I looked in his eyes and thought of him as my guardian angel.

"Can I hold your hand?" I asked and as soon as I said that he interwined our hands. At that moment the tingles in my stomach were going crazy, were the tingles for Niall? Is this what they call 'I have butterflies' i don't know what is going on with my stomach, all I know is that I am falling for Niall and he probably just thinks of me as a friend.

"So you ready?" He asked.

"Yeah, you have my back right?" I giggled.

"Yes, I promised remember?" He smiled, and his smile was like heaven. I couldn't help but smile.

"Yeah haha" I laughed and he knocked on the door. After two knocks there were a couple of footsteps and then the door flung open revealing Harry, Zayn, and Louis. I smiled but was dying inside of embarrassment. I saw their faces when they saw me and Niall holding hands. I didn't unlock our hands. I was scared.

"Niall!" Harry shouted.

"What Harry what?" Niall asked.

"Why are you stealin my girl, I told you I fancied her!" He screamed and pulled my hand away from Niall's. What the heck. I looked back at Niall as Harry pulled me inside of his flat and I saw hurt in his eyes. He looked sad and annoyed.

"Uh Harry?" I asked "where are you taking me?" I asked as I looked around. We were in the kitchen.

"Just inside, you wanna go on a date or something. I kind of like you," he paused "wait did you say yes to the tour?" He anxiously asked. Well wasn't that straight forward?

"Umm actually I just met you so that's not right, two thanks for liking me and third yea I said yes to the tour." I said.

"Awh I'll still make you like me though, and yay!"I was about to say something but he quickly interrupted me.

"Catherine!" He shouted, Catherine? What the hell? I turned and looked where Harry was going. I followed him and he lead us to the living room. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Catherine and Liam cuddling together :'( although I knew I had a massive crush on Niall, this hurt me like someone had stabbed me really hard in my heart. It was to much to take in. A tear slipped out of my eye. Why am I so stupid and sensitive? Ugh!!! I quickly wiped it away so no one would see it. I breathed in and walked in the living room.

"Hey!" I said as Harry stood In front of them

"So guess what?" Harry told them and didn't let them answer "your not gonna have to go on tour alone now!" He shouted at Catherine as she stood up and hugged me, I guess she knew it was me going with her. GREAT!

"Omg your going to girl?" I could feel the fakers in her question

"Yeah" I said and got out of our hug.

"Are you mad?" She asked.

"No, why would I?" I looked at her.

"Because your innocent, and you know what happened yesterday" she laughed that bitch!

"Hah no why would I be mad if I'm not a slut unlike others?" I fakely asked and rolled my eyes at her and walked to the kitchen where Niall and the rest of the boys where. All I could hear was Harry laughing his ass of and liam being quiet.

"Dam girl you just did that? I feel proud to know you" Louis said with his cute sass. Haha this silly goose.

"Ah why you say that Louis?" I said as I took a seat besides Zayn and Niall.

"Because you just told that slut of" he laughed

"Slut? So you don't like her?" I smiled.

"Nope, she made Liam blind and he doesn't know she's a slut"

"Oh really" lol.

"Yeah, she's been trying to flirt with Zayn and Harry." I inside laughed. I just then remembered she had a crush on Zayn. Haha revenge is sweet. Wait no, I won't use Zayn I like Niall. Ugh I'll think of something.

"Oh haha and y'all don't like her?" I asked to Niall and Zayn.

"Nope, I have my eyes on someone else" Zayn said.

"Me to" Niall added. Damm it he probably likes a super model and I'm over here having a dumm imagination thinking he would ever like me.

"Oh uh ok cool" I said and no longer talked. There was an awkward silence for about ten minutes until Niall broke it.

"Anyone up for the mall?" He smiled at me.

"Yes!" We all shouted in unison.

"Alright let me get changed then" the boys all said and laughed. They walked upstairs and I waited at the chair.

Niall's pov

What the hell is wrong with me!? Why am I falling for her!? When we met i thought she was cute but now I just! idk!!! I'm going insane for her! Ah I feel like I'm in love! :/ oh no but what if she doesn't like me the same way? Ok I need to dress great for this date. I mean this shopping trip. Ok so these look good and this one is perfect, aha this one to!

Adeline's pov

I was still waiting then I heard footsteps. I looked at the stair case and Zayn came down.

"Uyy looking good zayne!" I giggled. (As in a nickname, dont worry i do know how to spell his name)

"Haha no way, but thanks ad" ad?? Umm ok?

"No kids, you look handsome" I smiled.

"Thanks again heh" he shyly giggled.

"So are the others almost ready?" I questioned.

"Yeah, Niall's having a hard time choosing what he's wearing and we'll Harry to"

"I thought boys just wear whatever they want?" I laughed.

"We'll according to Harry, not when you are trying to impress someone" he laughed.

"Haha I don't like him like that, yeah he's cute and adorable but not my type" he laughed

"Then what's your type?" My type? Huh I've never even thought about that

"We'll," I paused and smiled "he needs to be a gentleman, a great listener, respectful, sweet, kind, and well alot of other things, but i don't know." I giggled. He was really interested in what I was saying because he was leaning in too much.

"Uh Zayn?" I confusedly asked.

"Oh hah yeah, sorry. You were sayin-" he didn't finish when Niall and Harry both jumped out and scared the crap out of us.

"Oh my geez I hate y'all!" I laughed.

"Did we scare you?" Harry asked while holding his laughter.

"No, you made me smile" I sarcastically said.

"Haha oh common we're not that bad" Niall laughed

"No, y'all are fine." They all gave me looks.

"Uhh you just said were fine!" Harry started laughing even harder.

"Whatever, let's just go" I laughed and walked to the door.

"Wait!" Louis screamed. Oh dang we forgot about him haha.

"Okay let's go" I said.

"No literally wait, Liam and the chick are coming" he sadly said.

"Ahh okay!" Harry annoyingly said. We waited for about ten more minutes and finally they came down. Of course Catherine was wearing a tight short pink dress and white high heels and a white purse, what that hell???

"Ready?" Harry asked.

"Yup let's go" Catherine said as she walked and hit my side on purpose.

"You know cat, we are going to the mall not to a club" I giggled haha.

"Yeah, I know. I just want to look cute for Li boo" what the hell? Li boo?

"You don't need to dress slutty to look cute, I mean look at Adeline." Zayn paused "she's smoking" I started to blush.

"Thanks Zayn, and dress like that if you please. I don't care" I said and pushed her out of the way and walked outside. I walked to the black range rover and was about to open the door when Zayn ran behind me.

"May I?" Zayn asked and opened the door for me. He held my hand and helped me get in. What a gentleman. I saw the boys arguing and then Niall and Zayn got in besides me. It was niall, me then Zayn. Then Harry and Louis got in the front. The boys didn't say anything during the ride, they were all just quiet and giving each other looks. Sometimes Harry would look over at me and smirk. It was funny but annoying because I started feeling creeped out. Zayn and Niall did the same but I wouldn't look at them, I could see them by the rear view mirror and I also felt their eyes on me. I don't even know what happened to Liam and Catherine. When we got to the mall Harry parked and everyone started to get out of the car. My seatbelt got stuck and I was struggling to get it off.

"Harry, how do you get this thing off?" I started to feel really close-phobic(idk how to spell sorry) so I was talking kind of fast and desperate to get out of the seat.

"Hold on" Harry ran to the back and pressed the seat buckle twice. Ohh.

"Hah I knew that" I said they just laughed. I turned to get my purse and someone held my right hand to help me out. I didn't look and just got out. When I was outside I looked at the persons hand. It was Zayn.

"Thanks again Zayn" I smiled. He giggled and noodled then closed the door and started walking to the entrance. When we were inside the huge mall I giggled at how cute Niall looked.

"Wait, aren't y'all supposed to wear some sort of discuise or what?"

"Nah I don't want to wear one, we'll not today" Harry said.

"Okay then what store do we go to first?" I asked

"Um, Victoria secret!" Harry shouted

"Haha are you trying on bras or what?" I laughed at Harry's dum face

"Nope but you are" he giggled took my hand and pulled me into Victoria's Secret as I argued and the boys followed.

When we walked in Harry decided to take lead. He didn't even ask for the size of bra I was but he got the bras and matching panties. When we entered the dressing rooms they were really big. All the boys came and sat at the little chairs outside waiting for me to come out. I didn't want to do this, I had a hideous body and I'm kind of uncomfortable.

"Guys I'm not sure about this" I said

"Oh common I'm sure you look great" I could see the smirk in Louis face. Just when I said that I heard Catherine.

"I'll come out first then you alright?" She sounded nice again. And like she was in the dressing room besides me.

"Cat your here?" I asked.

"Yup, me and Liam" ugh not again. We'll she wants to be first because she always comes before the ugly friend, she's gorgeous and I'm just worst than okay. And they are going to like her body more.

"Okay guys I'm coming out at three" she said. She started to count and I popped my head out. When she got to three she jumped out and acted slutty like a striper around Liam. I don't even care anymore. I saw the boys and they weren't really paying attention to her well just liam.

"Okay now you ad" Harry said

"Uh I-uh " I stuttered.

"Harry if she doesn't want to do it she doesn't have to" Niall finally spoke up.

"Oh common don't be a pussy!" Catherine screamed back to her bitchy self. I hated when people called me that!

"I'm not a pussy!" I protested.

"Then come out scaredy cat" ugh that's it I'm going to show them I'm hotter than her! As without even thinking I opened the door and came out but cover with my left hand the scars i had in my leg. They werent so visible because i put a bit of make up on them, but well just in case. All eyes were on me including Catherine and Liam's.

"So how does it look?" I casually asked.

"Damm" Harry whispered.

"So uh you - uhh look-uh great" Liam said and kept starring at me. I was feeling confident.

"Adeline Liam, my name is Adeline" I said and smiled.

"Nice to meet you" he got up and shook my hand, he finally had noticed me. I looked over at Catherine and smirked.

"Harry, you guessed the right size" I giggled

"I know I'm an expert" he laughed.

"So what do y'all think?" I looked towards Niall, Zayn and Louis.

"G-g-great" Zayn shyly said and looked down.

"Thanks zayne" I laughed (zayne is like zainee) idk.l

"Niall?" He didn't say anything but his eyes gazed on my body. And there were the freaking butterflies.

"Okay I'm going to change alright?" I walked back inside and changed to my clothes. Meanwhile I changed I heard Liam and Catherine arguing.

"Why the hell did you stare at her like that Liam? I thought you liked me?" She whispered but I could see her angry face.

"We'll I don't know, she's uhh I don't kn-" he got cut off.

"She's what Liam!?" She was pissed.

"We'll you are alright, but she's just sexy" he fastly said. He thought I was sexy?????????? O.O Liam Payne thinks I'm sexy!! Ahhhhhhhh!! But how??

"You know what keep her then!" She shouted and I heard a smack. Omg did she slap him? Haha. Wait why am I laughing that's rude. I quickly fixed my hair and got the bra and the panties. I unlocked the door and opened it. I looked over at the boys and they were gone. All I saw was a Liam Payne with a burning red cheek. I walked over to him.

"Does she slap hard?" I said and he giggled, how is that funny?

"What's so funny Liam?" I was a bit upset.

"The fact that I just got slapped by a girl and you ask if she slapped hard instead of making sure I'm okay" I felt bad now.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. We'll are you okay?" I said and touched his cheek. I ran over it and he stared at my eyes. Oh no. I quickly got up because he started to lean in exactly like Zayn had done earlier.

"Uh well, you shouldn't let a girl slap you. I think thats very disrespectful towards a guy. Girl who does that doesn't deserve you okay. Now ,I'm going to put these back" I said and walked to were Harry had got them in the first place. I saw the boys at the cash register and I walked to them. My stomach started growling. Damn it.

"Hey what are y'all doing?" I asked as the lady waved bye and the boys hid something behind them.

"Haha did y'all buy something for y'all's girl?" I giggled but the thought of Niall being with someone else ate my heart away.

"No I don't have a girl!" They all shouted in unison.

"Then what are y'all doing?" I glanced at Zayn and he smiled.

"Zayn will you please tell me what y'all bought?" I smiled and puppy eyed him.

"The things you tried on!" He quickly said and put his hands over his mouth. One thing the fandom didn't know was that zayn was the most honest of them all.

"Awh guys why, y'all didn't have to" I laughed.

"We'll every girl wants presents from Victoria's Secret so here's your first" Harry said and handed me the bag, I felt a little hurt.

"We'll Harry, I'm not every girl" I smirked and got Niall's and Zayn Hands by both my sides and headed outside.

"Sooo, what are we doi-" Niall got interrupted.

"Food court, I'm starving" I said.

"You took the words straight out of my mouth" Niall said and both me and Zayn giggled. I looked behinds and Liam, Harry, and Louis followed. When we got to the food court we went to smoothie paradise. I sat at a table for 6 and Harry and Liam went to get the smoothies, I told them I wanted a cherry smoothie. Louis, Zayn and Niall went to the burger parlor. I looked at both sides where the boys where and they were waiting to get called on. A couple of seconds later 4 girls sat at the table In front of us and started giggling. I could hear their conversation.

"Eww she looks like shit haha" the blonde one laughed.

"Yeah, and she has fat roles" the brunette giggled. I dont think i look like shit, and i dont have roles. Why are they so rude?

"And what the hell is she even wearing?" The red headed said. I started feeling a little uncomfortable.

"I don't know but she probably got it from the thrift shop, eww what a cheap slut" the other blonde one said as all the group laughed. I was so insecure over my body, and even more if someone's talking about it.

"Haha and her shoes to? Where the hell does she get this cheap stuff from anyways?" The brunet said. They all started laughing and then their faces looked like they saw a ghost, what the heck?

"Omg is that... are those the boys of one direction?!" The red headed shouted.

"Ahh yes!" I giggled at how stupid they sounded and then the blonde ones walked to me.

"Don't even dare look at the boys, your to ugly for them alright bitch?" I just nodded and looked at the girl. She smiled and walked over back to her table of sluts. I then looked behind the girls and all the boys had our stuff. I smiled at them and waved. The four desperate girls quickly stood up and ran to the boys.

"Ah may I please have you autograp-" the blondie got cut off by Louis.

"Look skank I will never give your slutty ass an autograph i dont care if you are a fan or not and well i doubt it. Our fans will never be rude to anyone. And well i will not after you talked like that to our best friend you dam attention seeker!" Louis shouted and at the least expected moment and he got his slushy and threw it at the girls face. Her white outfit was now covered in blue. Him and all the lads laughed and walked to me. I laughed and smiled at the girl who looked furious. When I looked at her I saw someone taking videos and pictures.

"Hey Lou?" I paused "what if this ends up on tv?" I asked.

"Why ad?" He smiled.

"There's someone taking pictures over there" I pointed at the person.

"Oh haha that?" Louis stood up as send the fuck you finger to the camera with both hands. I was surprised but me and all the boys laughed at him.

"Lou" I laughed.

"You waisted your slushy on her" I said and pointed at the slut whipping on her dress with tons of napkins.

"Ah dang it for reals!" He shouted and we all laughed. Niall and I both started to dig in. We didn't wait for the others. When we were done we walked to the little kids inside playground and Idk why we just did. When we got there I was so happy, I love kids. Hehe. Me and the guys sat and started to talk.

"So Adeline," Harry paused "how is simon your uncle/dad?" Ugh I don't feel like explaining again, wait how did he know?? Did Niall tell him? I looked at Niall and he nodded like answering my question.

"We'll you see, when I was young my mom and simon dated. They loved each other a lot and my mom left him because he got really famous. When I turned 15 I went and auditioned for the x-factor." I paused "the year liam also auditio-" Liam cut me off.

"You where that girl! The girl with the voice that uncle si was always talking about!" He shouted and looked happy.

"Hah yeah" I giggled, he actually remembered me.

"Oh my god, I had a huge crush on you!" He shouted and jumped on his seat.

"Hah cool, now calm down Liam, she's mine remember?" Harry said and I blushed. He had a crush on me? Just like I had on him? And well still have :'(

"I actually voted for you online 24/7 after i didn't make it through the judges houses!" He smiled.

"We'll until you got eliminated but I wanted you to win! You have the best voice anyone could ever have!" I giggled and blushed like a tomato.

"So you do sing good huh?" Niall asked.

"Yes she does!" Liam screamed.

(Her boice is like a mixture between camila cabello and Ariana grande)

"Sing for us!" Zayn shouted.

"No, I'll embarrass myself" i shyly looked down.

"Do it or we'll still embarrass you anyways!" Louis added.

"Ugh alright!" I annoyingly said.

"Ok what song do I sing?"

"Surprise us!" Niall shouted and laughed oh geez.

I was still sitting and I started to sing


I looked in my rear view mirror and

It seemed to make a lot more sense

Than what I see ahead of us

Ahead of us yeah

I'm ready to make that turn

Before we both crash and burn

Cus that could be the deathof us,

the death of us

Baby you know how to drive in rain

And you decided not to make a change

Stuck in the same old lane

Going the wrong way home

I feel like my heart Is stuck in bumper to bumper

Traffic I'm under pressure

cus I can't have you

the way that I want

let's just go back to the way it was

when we were on honeymoon avenue

honeymoon avenue

my baby coasting' like crazy can we get back to the way it was

what happened to the butterflies?

guess they encountered that stop sign

and my heart is at a yellow light a yellow light

yeah right when I think that we found it

we'll thats when we stop turning around

your saying "baby don't worry," but we are still going the wrong way

-and so on-

(Just look up ariana grande's lullaby version of honeymoon Avenue) thats how she sang itbut better of course.. Haha.


When I was done I opened my eyes because I had them closed, I didn't want to see the boys reaction of my weird voice. I was looking down and felt like they were all staring at me. I looked up and about 50-100 people were surrounding the play area. They were taking videos and pictures. I smiled and they all clapped and started shouting 'another song, another song, another song!' I just smiled and waved like an idiot. Oh my goodness they actually like me? I smiled at the guys and they had shocked faces

"So what, is alright?" I asked still a bit overwhelmed.

"It was better than okay Adeline it's award winning!" Louis shouted and I just giggled.

"Thanks" I smiled. Just then someone tapped my shoulder and I turned to face the person. It was a little girl and two bigger girls I'm guessing they were sisters.

"Hi" I waved.

"Hey, umm are you the actual Adeline from the x-factor like from 3 or 4 years ago?" I smiled they remembered me to.

"Yeah, how do you remember me?" I giggled.

"We'll how not, you have the worlds best voice ever!" The short one said. I just laughed and thanked them.

"We'll we were wondering if we could have pictures with you, and an autograph? We'll only if you want" they giggled.

"Of course" I laughed and stood up. I took about 10 pictures with them and signed their phone cases with a black sharpie they had. They were so cute. When they said bye I waved and realized behind them more than the 50 people were there clapping at my singing and in a straight line. Woah! I guess this is how the guys are all the time. For the next 30 minutes I took two pictures with each person and signed things, I felt so special for once. When I was done with everyone I looked back at the guys and smiled they were sitting just chilling. Louis then leaned back on his spot

"Welcome to the celeb life babe" he smirked. I just giggled at his silliness. We had our laughes for the next hour or so and some fans spotted the guys so we decided to leave. We were running an running across the mall like we were in a zombie movie. I couldn't help but notice that Liam kept starting at me the whole time. I didn't really mind. I didn't even think I liked him anymore. We'll like him in a friend way but not like him as in the dating way. When we got outside we ran to the range rover and Zayn opened the door for me again, but Liam and Niall were already inside.

"We're am I going to sit?" I asked as I looked in the distance and the fans were still running.

"You can sit on my lap" Liam said and smirked.

"No Liam, you have a girl and that's inappropriate." I protested.

"We'll if you don't the fans are going to get us" he smiled.

"Ugh ok" dam It this dude is annoying and we just had a real conversation today how could I had liked him? I stepped in and sat on Liam's lap, I was so uncomfortable. Zayn then jumped in and Harry started to drive off. On the way back to Harry's flat Harry kept making eye contact with Liam and looked super jealous. Zayn gave him the 'if you touch her further I'll hurt you' look and Louis just giggled like an idiot the whole way. When we were less than half way there I looked at Liam, he smiled and we'll if you forgot I was wearing a dress. I felt his thing going up (as In Getting hard) I got so weirded out as I pushed off him and sat on Niall. He smiled at me and I leaned on his shoulder and giggled. When I sat on his lap I felt safe and happy. There was nothing better in this world than being able to hear how fast his heart beat was when I whispered in his ear. I could tell I gave him goosebumps but he also did the same to me. Although he never did what Liam just did I didn't care cus I liked Niall. I didn't even know but I had fallen hard for him.

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