❤️one direction fanfic❤️

Adeline is just a normal 18 year old girl until she decides to sneak into a celebritys carnival with her best friend catherine. Her whole life changes, she finds the the man who she thought she would never see again in her life. What happens when she finds out her bestfriend has betrayed her? What will she do when she has to choose? Will she fall for the right guy or let her fate decide. Find out in fate...

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7. chapter 5

Chapter 5

I woke up to my alarm going off. I turned its direction and it read 7:30 A.M. Ugh! I got up and got my phone out of its charger. I looked at the screen and i already had 5 messages from Niall

From prince

Hey Adeline, good morning

From prince

So how did you sleep?

From prince

I told paul and he said he'll be waiting

From prince

When do you wake up?

From prince

Are you up already?..

I smiled at what he texted.

To Niall

Good morning Niall, I slept great and you? thanks for telling paul btw. I woke up at 7:30 and yup I'm up already, since when have you been up?? You crazy potato.

From prince

Oh haha good I'm glad you slept good, and well I have been up since 5 in the morning lol waiting for you to wake up.

***did he really want to talk to me or what?***

To prince

Oh really haha, did you want to tell me something important or what? Or why so early. Do u have to do a photoshoot?

***i was curious why he was up so early***

From prince

Nope, I just wanted to talk to you already oh and Paul wants to meet with you and the lads.

***i can't, I would be so embarrassed after what had happened yesterday at the music festival***

To prince

I don't know if my schedule is open Niall 😕

From prince

Please make some time, I want to see you again oh and your friend Catherine I think her name is, is with us.

***what the heck why was she with them?***

To prince

Why is she still with y'all, is she with Liam or something?

***i was so jealous***

From prince

Yeah, she slept over with Liam, I'm guessing they had it, if you know what I mean. Anyways she couldn't leave because she didn't have a ride and was cursing you because you left without her.

***she deserved it! She was flirting with my crush and probably had sex with him!! Wait oh no that's what they were doing up stairs! That slut!***

To Niall

Okay, I checked my schedule and I am free all day today, what time does he want to talk?

From prince

He said one hour and a half 😉

To prince

Alright I'll be ready, wait where do we meet?😀

From prince

Oh he asked me to pick you up, where do you live?

***i smiled and gave him the address, I wasn't quite sure but I could trust Niall, my instincts told me I could***

From prince

Alright, I'll be there in An hour, be ready beautiful.

To prince

Alright handsome potato do NOT text while you drive alright! I care about you. See you in an hour then ;)

From prince

Okay see you ms. potato! Oh and dress casual. Like a cute dress and sandals or heels, idk! Bye

I couldn't help but smile and be happy, he was too sweet and charming like an actual prince from a movie .


I opened my mac pro and edited the video and pictures. I opened up Paul's email and sent him everything i did. I ran to the shower, I scrubbed my hair with shampoo my body with a scrub and conditioned my hair. I hoped this was a business call, I needed a push to get some success on my career. I turned the warm water off and got the towel and dried myself. I stepped out and went to my walk in closet. I got my black lace bra and black lace underwear a skater dress that was black and black pumps white little sides of gold. I quickly changed and went to my mirror. Ewww I looked like an ugly dead zombie. I mixed my moisturizer with my base coat. I applied setting powder (just a little, not cakey, I didn't want to look like a clown which I hated... as in my phobia) I put a thin line of liquid eye liner and a light gold on my eye lid, I smoothed it out and added some mascara. I also applied cherry lip balm and a bit of blush. (It wasn't tons of make up but hello, this was probably a business thing, I kind of wanted to look a bit professional and not ugly looking like I always did) it's not that make up made me any pretty, it just corrected some of my face imperfections, which was not a lot but I didn't want them to see that. I Turned back and my hair was still a bit damped. I connected my blow dryer and dried my hair. I brushed trough my hair and left it natural and wavy. When I was done I fixed my bangs and looked at the mirror, woah. What a change! I hoped it wasn't too much. I walked to my clock and only 56 minutes had passed. I got my black clutch and my white BFF heart necklace that I shared with Catherine, I didn't want to wear it because I was mad at her but it complemented the outfit. I walked downstairs and waited at the couch. After five minutes I got hungry. Should I eat?? No, I'll wait, what if Niall's almost here? I turned on the tv and watched 'Ridiculousness' the Justin Bieber episode was on.

"So do you have the Bieber fever rob?" Justin asked as channel west coast laughed at what he had said, then the whole crowd started to crack up. I kept watching and laughing as Justin described what he was supposably doing in the videos where boys like him fell on their face. Haha I couldn't help but laugh my ass off. I then felt a buzz on my hand. I turned and saw my phone buzzing around like crazy. Niall was calling. I picked up.

"hello, Niall. What's up?" I asked.

"Hey, I'm already here haha. I've been nocking for the past minute." He said. omg no! Did he hear my hideous laugh!? I was panicking.

"Hah oh really? We'll I'll open the door then" I nervously said and hanged up. I walked to the door as my palms started to get sweaty and opened it. Niall was standing there smiling. He was wearing black jeans and a white polo shirt, with white converse. Weird....

"Hey heh" I awkwardly said and hugged him

"Hey, haha was that you laughing?" He asked oh....my.....Gosh.....!

"Haha you heard that? Yeah, I was watching ridiculousness" I smiled nervously

"Woah I love that show! Haha don't worry I have a bad laugh, yours is just cute" I blushed

"Thanks Niall, but yours is better" I laughed.

"No its not haha, now are you ready to go?" He asked.

"Haha okay, We'll is this okay?" I asked showing him my outfit.

"Yes, you look stunning, now common let's go" he said and held his arm out for me to take. I happily did and he escorted me to the passenger door. He opened it, let me in and closed it after me. What a gentleman. I was happy, and couldn't help but blush and smile. I started to feel a tingle in my stomach which I didn't like, I had never felt this before. Is it my cramps? A bad stomach ache? Umm idk. is it a bad signal if I go something bad is gonna happen? What's wrong with me?

"You okay?" I turned and Niall had a worried look.

"Yeah, just my stomach. It's feeling weird" I smiled and he giggled.

"Are you sure you want to go? I mean I can tell Paul to postpone it to another day if your not feeling good" he said, awh he cared for me and worried for me. He's so cute, More than in posters! :D

"no, I'm sure." I reassured him. He turned on the engine and started to drive off. I smiled at him as he glanced at me and giggled. It's was weird at first and kind of awkward but I liked it, he was so prince like. Like he was too good to be true. Every now and then he looked over at me and giggled quietly but I could hear him.

"Do I look ugly, weird or something?" I asked. I was feeling a bit insecure of how I looked.

"Oh my god not at all" he quickly said as he looked worried

"Why you ask that?" He asked

"Because you look at me and start giggling, you know I can hear you right?" I pouted at him

"We'll it's not a bad thing, I giggle for how cute you look. Just too pretty to be real" hah is he serious?

"Thanks Niall but I know I'm ugly and I'm okay with that now please focus on the road and stop giggling at my face" I said he looked sad

"Your not ugly, don't say that, and alright I'll stop" he said and looked at the road and didn't talk.

"Thanks Niall" I looked at him, he looked upset.

"That doesn't mean you can't talk to me, I love when you talk to me" I said and he looked at me

"Alright" he just said and kept driving. He didn't talk though he just kept driving and didn't glance at me anymore. I was somehow relieved but I wanted to talk to him, he made me get tingles in my belly which was weird and my palms got sweaty and we'll my face did so as we'll. or am I sick? Ugh I didn't even know what was wrong with me anymore. After a couple of minutes we arrived at a huge mansion thing. It looked so familiar yet it didn't. It's garden was gorgeous and, There were water fountains everywhere and flowers and it was just beautiful. I could kind of see the back when we drove in. It had a pool and what looked like a mini golf thing. It looked so amusing and fun. I felt like an actual princes entering her castle for the first time.

"You like it?" Niall finally broke the silence

"Yes, it's so beautiful" I said and smiled at him

"Your beautiful" I heard him whisper

"Thanks Niall" I smiled at him and as soon as I did he turned red as a tomato.

"Hah you heard me?" He giggled

"Yeah, haha" I laughed quietly he just smiled and parked the car on the long concrete drive way. He unbuckled his seatbelt and walked out he ran to my door and helped me out.

"Thanks Niall, your such a gentleman" I smiled at him.

"Thanks my lady" he smiled and held his arm out for me to take and I did. In that instant moment I felt the tingles in my belly again. I didn't know what it was but I didn't and did like it. I felt like it was a good feeling but felt like it was not. I smiled again at Niall and he walked to the door and pressed a button to something that looked like a black speaker thing.

"Hello, it's Niall" he said and unpressed the button.

"Hey Niall. Come in" the other guy at the end of the thing said. He sounded so familiar. Kind of like... Wait no, that's impossible. I shake my thoughts away and looked at Niall. He giggled and someone unlocked the door. There were guards. They looked so intimidating.

"H-hi" I shyly said to one of them. He looked at me and smiled, I felt more relieved.

"Hello ma'am" he looked at me

"It's Adeline" I smiled back he nodded and waved goodbye. What a nice man. I saw the guards close the doors and Niall and I started to walk forward. The house was like paradise. There was a beautiful marble staircase with gold edges and the floor was also marble. There where little gold details here and there and the chandelier at the kitchen was crystal clear with gold like candles. It hung high in the ceiling which complemented the white kitchen. It was like an angels house. They must really like white, gold, and crystal.

Niall and I kept walking and he lead me to an office. There was a guard there that smiled at us. He opened the doors And smiled once again. We walked in and we sat at the chairs in front of a desk. The room was darker than the whole house but it was quite pretty. In front of us there was a tall chair that started to move. I looked at it closely and I couldn't believe who was in front of me....

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