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Adeline is just a normal 18 year old girl until she decides to sneak into a celebritys carnival with her best friend catherine. Her whole life changes, she finds the the man who she thought she would never see again in her life. What happens when she finds out her bestfriend has betrayed her? What will she do when she has to choose? Will she fall for the right guy or let her fate decide. Find out in fate...

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12. Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Liam's pov

Oh how I wished Adeline knew she was the girl I liked. How can't she tell? Every time Niall and her have the kiss or hug or I don't know, just anything cute couples do I start to get sad. I don't understand but I'm pretty sure it's because I like Adeline. I am really stupid for letting Niall manipulate me like that, from making me act like I like Catherine to letting him ask Adeline out! I liked her from the moment I saw her at the x-factor then at the festival far away and that crush that i had for her grew back!. I remember Harry telling me that he was going to see something and then I told him She's mine and he got mad and went to her. I was so mad. I then went with the guys and looked at Catherine first and thought she was pretty but then I saw Adeline when she was talking to Paul and she was stunning. After that Catherine tried to seduse me in the tour bus but I didn't let her. She turned up loud music and was playing with my hair. And she purposely did that to her hair! Then when we came down I could see the sadness in Adeline's eyes, I was broken. And then when cat made fun of her I was laughing at Niall who was picking his nose and no one saw him but me! Like what where they even talking about? I was so lost. When Niall convinced me he was going to ask her out I was torn. I told him but he said she liked him and not me. I cried my self to sleep that night and couldn't stop thinking about me loosing the girl I loved. Because I had actually fallen for her. And fallen hard. I don't know how and why but I just have. When we were talking on the couch she was just so cute. I couldn't stop smiling and I couldn't concentrate on what she was saying. She was just so damn beautiful without a doubt. When the show was over I didn't even want to go on a date with Catherine. I just did it to hide that I actually did really like Adeline. The way she smiles, the way she talks, the way she's a fan, the way she can actually cook, the way she stood up for me and the boys, she's so brave, honest and just beautiful. There's just too many words to describe her. She's like the sunshine on a dull day with no sky. She the little glance of light I get to see before theres an eclipse. The stars are nothing compared to her eyes. Shes just perfectly Adeline.

Niall's pov

I know this is wrong. But when I first saw Adeline I didn't like her. I wanted to have 'it' with her but she seemed like another normal face to me. I didn't tell that to the guys, well only louis. but now, I know My feelings for her have changed. I truly madly deeply love her to pieces. Without her i am nothing. I know I just met her but I don't care. I love her with all my heart, she's my everything...

Zayns pov

I know what I told Adeline was wrong, I'm acting like I'm okay for her to be with Niall but am not. I want to be more than a best friend to her. I want to be her forever and always. I want to be her infinity and beyond. She's just perfect. Not perfect boring, but perfect with all her flaws, which I doubt she has any. I like her so much. In the instant I saw her I knew she was the one. But she went for Niall, I'm pretty sure he wanted her for something less than a relationship. How I wished she liked me back and not him.

Louis pov

We'll yeah, I like Adeline. She's cute, funny, can cook, amazing, gorgeous, pretty, beautiful, who am I kidding I love her! And I can hide it. I don't think she has any idea I do. I don't even know when or how but I just fell for her. She's just so insecure on herself that I want to take care of her and tell her how beautifull I think she really is. I shouldn't even have to, I mean just look at her! I was so pissed that those so called 'true fans' made fun if her. Like are you serious! True fans wouldn't make fun of a person without knowing them. My fans are no where judgmental. And if they would find out she was Simons daughter they would so regret everything they said to my poor Adeline. She is now my new Delilah.

Harry's pov

I know, I know! I still like her. The guys think I want to 'ffff' her but I don't! She's sweet as candy and I would never use her for that. She's different from other girls and she's no where near compare to those sluts that I've meet. (The one night stand girls, not the fans he's met) I hate how fucking Niall took her if Liam and I saw her first. Plus I'm just faking I no longer care. I'm just going to act myself around her and not try to hard like she told me yesterday. Niall might have won this battle but I will win this war!

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