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Adeline is just a normal 18 year old girl until she decides to sneak into a celebritys carnival with her best friend catherine. Her whole life changes, she finds the the man who she thought she would never see again in her life. What happens when she finds out her bestfriend has betrayed her? What will she do when she has to choose? Will she fall for the right guy or let her fate decide. Find out in fate...

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3. chapter 1

Adeline pov

"Catherine are you ready!!" I screamed at my best friend as I ran with a pancake in my mouth upstairs.

"Yeah, let's go" she said and came out with skinny jeans, a white t-shirt with white converse. She is such a tomboy.

"Mom we are leaving!" I yelled and exited out the door.

"Do u have the wristbands?" I asked Catherine.

"Yup, let's go!" She said and hopped in our car. We drove and drove and finally got to the celeb carnival. There were thousands of people.

"How are we going to sneak in!?" I asked her.

"I have no idea, common" she whispered and we ran behind some bushes. We looked a little over and there were two security guards walking back and forth.

"Oh no, what do we do now?" She quietly asked me.

"I don't know, wait I have a plan" I said as i whispered the plan and she nodded in agreement.

"Okay now throw it" I told her as she got a rock and threw it to the left side of the guards, they both looked to the left and ran towards the sound.

"Run!" I screamed and we both ran and jumped the fence. When we landed it made a huge sound but for our luck the guards were too busy looking for the rock we threw. Haha.

"We're are we?" I asked as I stood up and quickly walked away and acted normal.

"Omg we are in the VIP area!" She excitedly told me and jumped up and down.

"Calm down they'll suspect in us" I said and held her steady. I looked around and tons of celebrities were standing there talking and chatting and practicing for their big performance, I couldn't believe it!

"Okay, now we just have to get through those guards" I said and looked at the guards through the gates. We casually walked and I was freaking out, what if they caught us!! At the least expected moment I heard the tallest guard say.

"Good morning" and waved.

"Good morning sir" I responded and walked trough like nothing. As we got in the crowd I looked at Catherine in shock.

"Omg that didn't just happen, how did they not realize we didn't pay to get in?" Ahh! I was inside screaming. Okay Adeline calm down.

"We'll I guess these bracelets do work, and since we came from the VIP area, we'll it's like a hint that we payed." I explained as I walked to the right side of the gate. I looked over and saw the boys of one direction just then, man why the heck didn't we stay on that side!

"Catherine do you see them!?" I asked her.

"Ahh omg yes, ok. Calm down let's act like we are just recording and taking some pictures like normal photographers."

"Okay" I said and smiled. I looked over them and I couldn't help but smile. I then saw liam, Harry and Niall looking our way, Oh geez this isn't happening they noticed us, well maybe it's because of the huge cameras. They looked over here for a couple of seconds and Harry turned my way, he was smirking at the camera. Haha he's too cute. He then started to walk over at me.....I was going to faint! Omg what if he saw the bracelets and told security! We gotta go, I told Catherine but no her ass decided it was better to stay, as i turned back to look at the boys, harry was standing right at the other side of the gate facing me.

"Don't you think a closer look is better?" He flirtily asked.

"Hah yeah" I smiled.

"So your a photographer or are you a paparazzi person?" He asked.

"Oh uh I'm a photographer person" I smiled.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah" I answered.

"Hold on I'll be right back" he said and went back to the guys and Paul.

"Omg that was so unexpected!" I screamed at Catherine.

"I know right, but common lets go, we probably won't see them again anyways" she looked sad.

"No, wait. Harry said he would be right back" I told her and she looked at the guys. Paul was heading our direction and the guys followed. A couple of seconds later Paul was in front of me smiling.

"So your a photographer?" He asked me. I was freaking out.

"Actually yeah" I said

"I was wondering if you would like to be a guest for us, like take pictures of the guys while they perform and talk to people. I'll pay you 10,000" what!??? Omg I couldn't believe this! Their asking for my help!? I would do it for free!

"Yeah sure, you don't have to pay me" I said

"I insist" he smiled. I guess Paul isn't that really of a bad guy after all.

"Okay I'll do it" I said and he shook my hand.

"Alright come with me" he said and I followed and waved at Catherine who wished me good luck, wait why can't she come?

"Um Mr. Paul can my friend Catherine come?" I curiously asked.

"Of course, and please call me Paul" He laughed.

"Thanks Paul, I'll be right back" I smiled and ran back to get Catherine.

"Common lets go!" I yelled and she followed me.

"Here she is, this is Catherine," I told everyone "oh and I'm Adeline" I said

"Like the princess name?" Niall asked.

"Hah yeah" I smiled, he had some really beautiful eyes.

"It's really pretty" Harry said.

"Hey no flirting Harry, leave the poor girl alone" Paul said annoyed.

"It's alright, I'm okay with it, we'll if you don't mind. I won't flirt back by the way" I smiled at Harry and Paul.

"Okay, thats great. So I need you to follow the boys anywhere they go, and take pictures of anything interesting. But it has to be a good picture, not one of the pictures that have an ugly unexpected face on it. Got it?" He asked well more like ordered.

"Yes of course" I said.

"And you Catherine, do you do anything?" She looked confused "like pictures or video or anything?" She smiled, oh no Catherine not now.

"No, actually I just came to see hot guys" she said and giggled.

"Haha your giggle is cute" Liam said, I could tell he liked her. I didn't like that. He was my crush from one direction. I looked at Catherine and she slutily walked to him and started to flirt. I wanted to punch her, she knew I liked him! Ugh whatever!

"Anyways," I interrupted "you can just go find your hot guys, and get lost in the crowd, record anything you see interesting alright?" I told Catherine, she looked mad.

"Sure" she answered and took the camera I was handing her and walked away.

"Bye" I said an she waved, I could tell she was pissed.

"Soo?" I looked at the boys "y'all can start whatever y'all are going to do first, I'll follow" Harry smiled and put his arm around me.

"You can follow me first" he smirked.

"No actually," I removed his arm away from me "Paul told me to follow one direction, not just Harry styles" he looked at Paul.

"She's right, smart girl" he laughed at Harry and walked away.

"So, what do we do first?" Niall asked Liam who was too busy looking where Catherine went.

"Liam!" Niall screamed and everyone looked at him.

"Sorry!" he shouted back at the crowd who was starring at him.

"What Niall what?!" Liam annoyedly asked.

"What do we do first" he looked mad.

"Oh-ahh...we can ...umm, take pics with fans, heh" he was blushing.

"Alright let's go" Louis said and started to skip towards the crowd. I guess one direction was really the way they act like in interviews in real life.

"So you like taking pictures?" I heard my right side ask. I turned and it was Niall.

"Yeah, well I like other things but my mom wants me to be a photographer" I responded.

"Why?" He looked worried.

"Because the family has a running business in which everyone is pretty much in the photographer business kind of deal" he smiled.

"That explains," he smiled "but what do you want to do?" He asked. How do I answer to this?

"Actually I really want to be a singer, actress and model" I smiled.

"Oh interesting," he laughed

"so you can sing?"

"Haha I'm not sure, but I like the way I sing if that's what you mean"

"Sing for me?" He asked oh no, what if it's terrible and he hates it, plus i get nervous when I sing in front of someone new.

"I'll sing for you later," I smiled "I'm really nervous to sing in front of a lot of people, sorry" He looked sad.

"It's alright, but you promise to sing to me later if we met ever again?" He asked with puppy eyes. Wait did he say 'met ever again'?! What?!

"Haha I don't think that'll happen but sure, I promise" I said and we intertwined our pinkies.

"I mean you never know" he said and took my phone from my pocket, he was doing something which I couldn't see.

"Hold on I'll be back" he said and ran to louis. I walked towards Zayn which hadn't talked.

"So you are really shy huh?" I asked and he got nervous.

"No, it's just that there's nothing to talk about" he answered and looked down.

"We'll if you don't start a conversation then there's nothing to really talk about" I said and he looked up at me, I took a picture of him, he was biting his lower lip.

"That was a good one" I said and showed it to him.

"Hah yeah, thanks". He smiled, ah! he was also so cute in real life like the others.

"So, are y'all like performing here or something?" I asked.

"Actually yeah, I'm scared though" he said and looked down.

"Why, Aren't you like used to it?"

"We'll yeah but I still get nervous, that's why I told the guys not to let me have lots of solos, haha I'm scared" he looked sad.

"Look, don't worry about anything you'll do great and plus you sing really gorgeous and I'm sure if you mess up no one will care cus they will be enchanted by your amazing voice" I said and he smiled.

"Hey and don't be shy up there, you should smile more. It'll make your fans happy and you'll gain confidence"

"Really?" He looked up "thanks, so are you like a singer? Because you know a lot about this."

"We'll something like that" I smiled.

"I'm back!" Niall shouted and came to my left side.

"Hey, we're did u go?"

"Oh just had to say something to Louis and Paul, here" he handed back my phone.

"Haha thanks, I had forgotten you took it" i smiled. "So I have a question?" I continued.

"Already asked one but go ahead" Niall smiled.

"When y'all are performing on stage do I record and take pictures from the stage or off the stage or both?"

"You can do both, there's a set of stairs right besides the stage and there will be body guards so fans can't attack us with their love" Niall said.

"Okay good, I'll get better pics like that" I smiled at them.

"Okay here we go" Niall said and walked to fans and started to pose, I took pictures and recorded at the same time. I couldn't believe this. After 10 minutes a tall blonde girl with pink shorts and a white tank-top walked towards Harry.

"Hey can I have a picture?" She said.

"Sure, hey Niall join in!" Harry shouted. Niall walked and stood at the girls left side about to hug her.

"Wait no," she paused "I only want a picture with Harry, he's more attractive" she said with a sass that I just wanted to smack right of her slutty face. Niall then stepped out of the picture and looked upset, but before she took the picture I got her phone and slammed it on the concrete.

"What the hell bitch!" She yelled.

"What did you just call me?" I said nicely.

"A bitch didn't you hear me!?" She shouted at me.

"Yeah I heard you, but I just thought you were talking to yourself" I smiled fakely.

"Why the hell did you smash my phone you whore!?"

"Why did you kick Niall out of the picture?" I still asked nicely.

"Cus he's ugly why else!" She kept shouting.

"Why didn't you get out of the picture?" I paused "your uglier" I laughed.

"No bitch I'm hot!" Harry then pushed her away from his side.

"Oh hell no you didn't, your screaming at my girlfriend you know!" Harry shouted with a sass.

"Your girlfriend?" She looked hurt.

"Don't even act fake, and his girlfriend or not you don't have the right to talk like that to Niall you plastic bitch" I shouted "plus you don't deserve to take a picture with any of the boys of one direction, if the fandom knew what you just did today they would eat you alive!" I shouted.

"The fandom haha, what's that" she fakely laughed.

"Yeah the fandom bitch, are you dumb?" She looked shocked "or is that word too difficult for your dictionary of stupidness?" I shouted.

"For your information Niall is a hot potato and if you want to take a picture with Harry then you deal with the potato hot or not bitch you don't have the right to judge!" I paused, she looked pissed "now fuck off skank!" I shouted. Oh no? What did i just do?

"Ugh whatever" she walked away.

"Jesus people now days" I said to Harry and Niall.

"So I'm a hot potato huh" Niall asked me.

"Haha yeah, your adorable, that bitch was wrong. So don't listen to her plastic ass" I said to Niall. That was strange. I've never defended anyone in my life, we'll not like that. Wait did Harry say I was his girl? What the heck!?

"So?" He looked at me "your okay with being my girlfriend?" He asked.

"No styles, I just met you"

"Yeah but it seems to me like you're a fan" he smirked.

"Hah yeah, in fact I am"

"So you know me" Harry said.

"But that doesn't mean I like you" I smiled.

"What, everyone likes the Harry!?" He put puppy eyes.

"We'll not everyone, and now you know."

"I'll make you mine." He mumbled under his breath.

"Sure you will." I responded. Harry then blushes from here to the moon. He turned around to hide it and then straight forward again. Paul walked to me, oh no!

"What happened there?" He asked.

"We'll you see..." I explained to Paul what happened and he was happy for what I did, weird.

"So more pictures?" I asked and kept taking more pictures of the boys. Later that day the boys performed 'Stole my heart and I recorded and took pictures of them' this was a dream come true. Although better because Niall and Harry kept looking my way more than half of the time, like if they were singing at me, but I couldn't flirt. I was here on business. The bad thing about this was that Liam was just focused on Catherine it made me feel super ugly, how could I ever think liam would like someone like me? I'm just eww like that girl said 'ugly' and just supper unattractive, that's one of the reasons I've never had a boyfriend. So I don't even know how to be in a relationship. Ugh why did I even accept this, they probably think I'm an attention seeker for what happened earlier today, that was the worst first impression. I just hate myself right now. I wonder if they hate me too??

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