❤️one direction fanfic❤️

Adeline is just a normal 18 year old girl until she decides to sneak into a celebritys carnival with her best friend catherine. Her whole life changes, she finds the the man who she thought she would never see again in her life. What happens when she finds out her bestfriend has betrayed her? What will she do when she has to choose? Will she fall for the right guy or let her fate decide. Find out in fate...

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1. Adeline Joy

Adeline joy

age: 18

birthdate: may 11, 1997

Mother: Anne joy

Father: unknown

siblings: none

pets: a brown apple head chihuahua (star)

celebrity crushes: Liam Payne, Dylan O'Brien, Matt espinosa, Hayes Grier, Brent Rivera.

boyfriends: Never had one

profession: photographer.

dreams: singer, actress, model and also a role model for young ones.

hobbies: singing, photography, drawing, making youtube videos, cooking, baking, eating, sleeping, doing make up.

personality: adeline is well known as the determined girl. She is very shy, respectful, honest, loyal, trustworthy, brilliant, kind, helpfull, and brave. (These are only a few things that describe her as a person.)

status: single and so not ready to mingle.

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