Story Time

Things may get weird....Just going to warn you guys....
Anywhosies....These are a whole bunch of stories i have created with my friends! Hope you enjoy


4. Trump Chambers


I personally do not support Trump. If you support him and do not agree with this do not be a jerk about it. I came up with this scenario while talking to a friend and thought it was funny

Without Further Adieu


Trump Chambers

You slowly walk into what you're hoping is the bathroom. It's dark and smells of mildew, but you're desperate. Suddenly, you feel a stinging pain in your neck. You try to scream but you can't. Everything goes black. You wake up and see a single hand mirror across the room. You pick it up and look in, a monster stared back. A blonde combover has taken over your head. You see that your skin has turned a orange-tan and you find a 'Vote for Trump' button imbedded in the left side of your chest. You drop to your knees and scream, "NOOOOOO! I wanted Ebola!" A slow laugh starts and an orange figure emerges from the dark corner of the room. Trump appears and you start to back up as he comes closer. "You support me now." "No! Never!" "Yes!" He presses a button on a remote and you start to support him, the button controls you, there's no escape. Trump has won...

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