Story Time

Things may get weird....Just going to warn you guys....
Anywhosies....These are a whole bunch of stories i have created with my friends! Hope you enjoy


3. The Drunken Change: By Grace

Moonshine the caterpillar was a rare Aliasylrias caterpillar. He would soon be a butterfly, a beautiful one if I do say so myself.  He was so excited, he couldn't contain it. He told Herman and BuzzBuzz, even Blaze! He would rush to the evil fried grass truck everyday and demand a free fried grass on a stick...because he's a soon to be butterfly and he can do that. Of course he never got what he demanded. Then the day came, the day he would form the cocoon. He made the cocoon pretty quick...probably 30 minutes, then he waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited...then the time came. He woke up...Urgh, he grunted...I must have been in there a long time! He broke out of the cocoon and saw his wings, his beautiful were beautiful...he gave them a try...he fell, stupid Moonshine they were still wet! After a little while he could fly, so he flew to the fried grass truck and demanded the fried grass on a stick, the vendor was blinded by Moonshine's beauty, because he's a rare rainbow butterfly and his looks can do that...and the vendor gave him what he wished for...and as Moonshine flew away he sang the song of his people....anaconda.

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