Story Time

Things may get weird....Just going to warn you guys....
Anywhosies....These are a whole bunch of stories i have created with my friends! Hope you enjoy


2. Cheesy The Cheese-Ball: By Grace & Maddy

Cheesy the cheese ball was no ordinary cheese ball. He was extraordinarily cheesy, the cheesiest cheese ball ever! Though it seemed that all the other cheese balls were sick of all the cheesiness. One day cheesy was walking and saw a beautiful cheese ball, sitting on a pile of cheese powder. He was in awe, though everyone knew that all cheese balls were boys, yet this cheese ball seemed different, so different that it might have been....a girl! He bounced up to the cheese ball and stared at her for 10 minutes before she said something. "What? Did I lose all my cheese powder or something? Why are you staring at me?" "You're just so magnificently beautiful my dear cheese-ball." Cheesy replied. Now if cheese balls could blush, that's what she would be doing right now. "Thanks, no one has ever told me that before." She said softly. "Really?" Cheesy replied, "I can't believe that no one has told you that before. You're breath taking! Might I have the pleasure of knowing your name?" "David." She replied. Cheesy was taken by surprise and choked a reply, "Oh, um...that's ... That's nice name.." Cheesy turned away and sobbed quietly for 2 minutes. "What's wrong?" David said. THEN in a turn of events David started having a seizure! She fell to the floor and sprouted huge wings and was concealed inside a pile of cheese powder. In that moment, many emotions were going through Cheesy’s mind...Shock, confusion, fright, disappointment, and many, many more. He stared in terror at the sight in front of him, was David dead?! In hesitation, he slowly walked over to the pile of cheese dust. David suddenly popped out! Cheesy screamed, "DAVID! What happened!" "Who's David? My name is Angel! Weirdo..." "Um. Um.. Sorry, it's just, I was talking to you, and you said you were David, then you exploded, and, and... I'm so confused." "Will you marry me?" Angel asked. Surprised, Cheesy said, "Heck Yeah!" What a day Cheesy thought, some weird stuff happened, and now he was now to be married to the most beautiful cheese ball he had ever seen. What could possibly go wrong now?

Two years later Angel and cheesy were married and had 2 children, twins, named Alexa and Alana. But then, something happened that would change their lives forever. "GET TO SHELTER! We have a code orange! Everyone try to find a way out!" Cheesy, who was now Emperor screamed in warning! They were about to be eaten. He grabbed his family and ran to the bottom right corner of the bag. He tore a hole in the just big enough for his family to slip through...they landed on the shelf and ran to the back where they wouldn't be found. They decided that they could take any chances, with sadness in their cheesy hearts, they decided to get as far away as possible. They found a hole in the wall and went through. They found a wardrobe inside and walked through it sending them to a cheese ball paradise where they lived their lives in peace…or did they?

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