They survived the first night, but this time there is a greater fear, this time there is an even greater force.this time they are prepared.


1. back again

Do you hear that Finn, it's out there?

There's more than one Thea, there's hundreds. I think we should prepare ourselves. Quick, we don't have much time. Get as many things that you think might kill a monster. Oh, how about your Swiss Army knife?And that big butcher knife that Mum uses to cut frozen meat? I think I can sense that we will be in those woods very soon. Ok get ready!


Where are we? It looks nothing like last time. Last time the forest looked so...unused. But this time it looks like thousands of creatures are living here. Look at that spider web! It looks like it could house an elephant. And that big hole there? Do you think it might be an ant hole?

Finn, you know those creatures last time? You don't think that they're well, breeding do you?

I don't just think that they're breeding, I think that there are a whole new batch of creatures that would all love to eat us.

Look at that Finn. What is it? It looks like a giant, SCORPION. RUN! Let's climb a tree quickly, it's not far away. Finn, have you realised that every tree has a giant spider web?

Okay, let's not climb a tree, but what else is there?

Nothing! Get your knife ready, we're going to fight it. That's insane. It's four times our size and it has two massive claws and a stinger. Too late!

The immense beast loped up to them and swung its stinger at Finn but he was too quick. He rolled aside just as the stinger stabbed into the ground behind him. Stab him Thea!

Thea lunged at the scorpion and stabbed it on the back, the dagger sunk right in. The scorpion made a screeching sound and flung Thea off him. She landed with a thump and was knocked out cold.


Where are you Finn?

Over here, over here. What happened Finn?

You got knocked out. I finished the scorpion off and went to this cave. You've been out cold for three hours. I had a look around and found this old sword. It looks as if someone has been here before and when I say before, I mean a long time ago, maybe medieval times. It's not sharp, so I've been trying to sharpen it with this rock for the last hour but it won't even cut a twig.

Leave the sword! Let's find something to eat. I've got quite hungry.

Over there, there seems to be some sort of berry. No it looks poisonous, how about those, they look nice? That's odd, I swear I could see a horse shaped rock. Hmm, maybe it just moved away...

Moved away Finn? Moved away! A rock can't move!

It's probably just a creature.

But Thea could see two horses in the distance riding away.

QUICK! Back to the cave, we need to work on it.

What do you mean work on it?

Well if those two things are going to their leader than I'd expect an attack.

But we don't know if they have a leader?

Yes but I'd say when a human comes it's pretty big news and every creature would want to catch us. So you reckon that they get a reward to catch us?


So... We're preparing for an attack? Exactly!


I will make spears with my Swiss Army knife and you can set traps up, big traps.

Whilst Finn made the spears he saw where they had looked for food. His eyes fell on the berries that looked very poisonous. If he could get that poison onto his spears they would weaken or kill the enemy. He crushed them into a paste and rubbed it on the end of the spears. He was just washing his hands in a stream when he had an idea.

Thea where did you see those horses going?

Thea pointed in the direction that the stream was running.

They need to get water from somewhere,and that somewhere is probably this stream. If I put these crushed berries in the stream than they will get sick, leaving us with less enemies.

He put some of the crushed berries in the stream and hoped that it would work. Ok, now I need to make something that will fire my spears. He knew that if he plaited grass he could make a strong string. He found some strong grass and plaited it together. He then made a bow from some bendy wood. He repeated this action until he had nine big strong bows. He tied the plaited grass onto the bows and tested the strength by firing an arrow at a tree. The arrow stuck right in. He added a trip wire. When the trip wire was activated the arrow would fly right to where it had been activated. He placed them in between Thea's traps, meaning that the creatures would either have to fall into Thea's traps or get a flying arrow at them. Thea had dug trenches and placed spikes inside them. Then she covered them with leaves and around that she placed thick bushes showing the enemy the appropriate path to death.

Then he and Thea made a door on the cave. Whilst doing this they found a small exit that they could go out if their defences didn't work.

Finn you get some food, I think we might not get another chance.

When Finn got back he had to admire their work. There were his massive spears which, just looking at made him cower away. There were Thea's huge ditches with giant spikes. He had to walk with a stick in front of him so that he knew where the traps where. He had collected hundreds of berries which he was sure were not poisonous and he had cleaned some leather out and filled it up with fresh water. When he got back to the cave he saw the sword sitting on a rock, he tested it on his finger, a small trickle of blood ran from his finger. It was very sharp. All in all he thought they had a pretty good chance. He hadn't seen their army but it couldn't be that big, could it?

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