Stormy of the Akatsuki

Stormy, my main character, started off as a loyal hidden sand shinobi. She had a mother and a father with powerful visual prowess. Join her as she journeys through life to where she is now

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden does not belong to me


7. 7

  Stormy smiled at Hara. "Hello! I'm Stormy. These idiots next to me are Thunder and Sterling." She pointed at them as she introduced them. "We're.. weird. You'll probably not want to stay, but that's fine." 

  Thunder and Sterling smiled at Hara before she spoke. "I'm Hara. And, trust me, I'm probably more weird than the three of you combined are." They all laughed when she ended what she wanted to say. 

  "I'm definitely weirder than.. the weirdest person alive. Making me the weirdest person alive." Thunder proudly announced. Someone else heard her and looked at her awkwardly, probably unsure of what to think. The four of them laughed.

  "I just wanna quickly say that I go by the pronouns hy/hym/hys, if that's alright with you guys." Hara said while hoping to still be accepted.

  "Of course! We don't mind that kind of thing. We all aren't the most.. typical students either. None of us are your normal straight female." Stormy laughed to lighten things up after saying that. They were all proud to be who they were.

  "That's good to know. No one really wanted to be around be because of it back in my old village. There were maybe like 3 people who didn't mind. I was scared at first to bring it up but I just wanted to get over with it." Hara smiled at Stormy, already feeling more connected to her than the other two. 

  Sterling quickly lifted her head after letting it drop onto the desk. She was probably more tired than Stormy and Thunder combined for some reason. "Oh, hey there. Sorry about falling asleep so quickly. I've had insomnia for a little bit so I'm a lot more tired then I usually am. Did I miss anything?'

  "Just sexuality and shit." Thunder bluntly said. They rarely swore so it kinda shocked Stormy when they did. She mostly swore in her head or under her breath.

  Sterling laughed a tiny bit. "Glad we aren't the only weird ones around here anymore. It kinda sucked being limited to these morons for someone to talk to."

  "I feel your pain. Many people disliked me for that reason and I-" Hara was interrupted by the teacher who had walked up to them. "I understand you're the new student and all, but please try and keep it down. I'm passing out these worksheets for everyone to work on in partners." He turned to his older students. "You three better help Hara if she needs help." He said the last part half-jokingly, already sensing them being friends.

  "Of course!" Sterling responded.

  Hara leaned in to whisper to them. "Is he a nice teacher?"

  Thunder smiled at Hara. "Yeah. He doesn't really mind what you do as long as you do your work."

  "That's good. I've had some pretty horrible ones and I want to enjoy it here." Hara replied. 

  "We'll just see the other teachers you have. Maybe we'll have some of the same classes." Stormy commented, knowing some of the others' opinions on some other teachers. She was lucky enough to have all the decent ones.

  "Alight. We should probably get working so I don't get a bad rep with the teacher already. That'd be pretty bad." Hy said jokingly while smiling and getting a pencil to work on the worksheet with hys new group.

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